Shane stays to see what comes out

    Theres a sound of pressure escaping and steam bursts out from the opening in the pod. Whatever is in there has been well preserved for however long it was in space.

    Suddenly the pain in his arm moves further and faster, over his chest to his other arm. Before Shane knows it, its spreading down his legs and over his head. The pain is almost unbearable now.

    Suddenly Shane is stiffened and electric shocks shoot through his body, he screams out in pain falling to his knees. The inhaler falls from his hand as he clutches and unclutches his fists. Electric bolts visibly spread over his body covering him in blue sparks.

    Shane continues to scream into the dark night, hardly noticing that the pod is halfway open now, the entire crater is filled with steam. Shane continues to convulse in pain.

    Suddenly the electric shocks suddenly stop and Shane falls down fully into the crater, loosing consciousness. Before his eyes fully close dragging him into darkness he sees two bent claws step in front of him. But their fuzzy and he can't be sure.

    Theres a hissing noise and Shane finally passes out into darkness.


    Sunlight plays over his face. Shane begins to open his eyes, a twinkling light shines brightly at first, so bright that Shane can't see anything but light. His eyes begin to adjust and Shane sees that he's in the field that he ran out to last night.

    "But what am I doing here?" Shane thinks to himself, "Why did I come out here last night.

    Try as he might he can't seem to remember any of the details of last night. Suddenly he shoots up, realizing that he's been gone all night, and his parents are probably wondering where the hell he is.

    He's not sure how he will explain this to them when he doesn't even know why he came out himself. He gets up brushes himself off and looks around. For some reason something is nagging at him to look over at a certain area of the field. But theres nothing special anywhere, just more grass. He pushes the thought from his mind and runs home.

    But as Shane nears the house running he finds that no one has woken up yet. The sun is still pretty low in the sky its probably about 4 am. His father doesn't get up until 5.

    Shane stops at the front of his house. He breathes in deeply, suddenly realizing that his asthma has not acted up at all during his entire run home. In fact he was able to run without even feeling winded.

    He checks his pocket, and realizes its probably a good thing because his inhaler is missing. He figures he must have left it on the grass when he woke up in the field. He shrugs not worrying about it for now and sneaks into the house.

    If he's lucky he can sleep for another 3 hours, so he crawls into bed and closes his eyes. Before drifting off again he rubs the back of his neck, not really noticing the small bump of red irritated skin that has formed back there. Then he's off to sleep once more.

The End

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