An empty Hole

Smoke billowed out of the pockmark in the surface of the earth as Shane approached it. He felt like fate had his name in its loser books and the fact that whatever it was had landed in the field which produced that substance he was direly allergic to, being milk, it just made the whole situation worse knowing that the cows looked at him disapprovingly. Scum of this world and the next is what he felt like though he did not know the people of Alpha Centauri, who happened to have an investment of the mighty fleet above his oblivious head. Regardless of this he decided to put one foot shakily in front of the other he peered over the edge of the pit and saw what he was expecting: naught but earth and rock. As he turned around, thoroughly relieved of all but the stress of the cows viewing him he turned around. But as he did so there was a large clang that emanated from the hole. He rushed to the edge and saw the pod, or well one of the two that minutes previously carried two distinguished captains nearly passing out because of the speed and g-force acting on their tired bodies. It had nudged slightly and had jolted out of place the last dedicated piece of the stealth system.

But the hatch had slid  open already and the alien who had scrambled out it seemed. The pod was in the shape of a ellipse, with the tip buried in the rubble. The curve was broken by four tubes extending out and over the top, with nozzles at the ends. The hatch would have blended in perfectly with the end of the ship. At this moment Shane saw gold: he would be famous for this, proof that we are not alone in the universe even if the races of the universe would annihilate us in a blaze or nuclear fire or however they thought necessary. But a member of the race who had lost the cataclysmic battle between earth and mars was standing rather indignantly behind Shane. It pressed what looked like a police baton to his head and said : "Turn around, slowly." Shane complied, his spindly arms shaking as they made a 180 degree rotation  to face the alien. It was about six feet tall, taller then Shane's frequently measured five foot seven frame.It  was curved backwards, with two great nubs where it shoulders were, but they connected to what looked like legs, but were jointed in many places. The body which extended out and down from them, had arms at the other end then the legs, big muscly arms and equally muscular hands, or claws. The head was in the middle of the torso and was cover by the spacesuits gold colored dome of a headpiece. The suit was deep red and looked like it had plates in all but the joints. It then said in its throaty, phlegmatic voice: "Tell me who you are, where I am and where my ship is right now." 

Before Shane could answer, four claws sliced through the torso, just above the head piece, and then the body was heaved so fast, Shane barely registered it, even with his glasses on. The first alien was dead behind the crouched form of the second visitor. It was clad in a dark green suit, withe the head clearly visible through the ovular glass top as it whirled around to face Shane, feeling very frowned upon by the universe in general as he viewed the second alien to visit him today, claw still extended and dripping with bright blue blood. It was roughly humanoid with two legs and a tail, and had two arms, but an extra forearm connected to the elbow joint, the four pronged claw extended from a six digit hand. It retraced with a whine as the stranger spoke in a deep serious tone that would make a world leader feel like a schoolboy. Shane felt like a toddler, bumbling about making a general hash of his life, to the dismay of his parents. 

"You're lucky I don't kill you too, but I don't want to find out what makes your insides right now. What does need to be done however, and I need you."


"Yes you, your race i very incredulous I see. You are the only person on this world who knows what the enemy escape pod looks like."

"Ah, but you could have a look, right?" On the last shaky syllable, the pod self destructed with a whine and a thud. Looks like he would have to help the alien, and if he was delusional or dreaming...well the worst that could happen is that he was institutionalized, and for some reason he though he would fit in better there then where he was. "So what do we do?"

"We find the other alien before he calls for reinforcements. His trajectory suggests somewhere east of here."

"Like Iowa?"

"Across the central sea of your world." Not inclined to argue Shane followed the alien as it told him of the battle in the heavens and the general situation. It did nothing to ease Shane's tension.

(Note: I hope the original authors like this. Good first chapter by the way.)

The End

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