Juvestan ran with all his might, but Degacy wasn’t about to let the light have him yet. Degacy chases his to son to a lower field on the side of the school. As they both ran down a small hill, Degacy forms darkness in his hands, and his cursed sword makes its appearance. It was a long dark rusty blade which was engulfed with emerald flames. On the lower field contained a football field with lines surrounding it. The outlines could make a perfect place for people who run track. On either sides of the field held a metal bleacher each. There were rows of seats that go sixteen feet above the ground.

Juvestan knows he can’t be forever running away from the school. He now has allies which they would probably like to know that the Dark Lord is like within a mile besides them. Juvestan’s shoulders become filled with darkness and he pulled out both his dark blades. Degacy;s sword was twice as long and wide as Juvestan’s twin swords, but he works better the way they are. As Juvestan runs behind a bleacher of where people watch the games, he leaped back and tried to strike his father. Degacy sees the attack immediately even though his son had attack from a blind spot in his view. The Dark Lord simply raised his blade and shielded behind it. As the swords cleaved, Degacy expresses something that he once thought would never happen.

Degacy: You know what, Juvestan? I never thought for once when I forged this all powerful blade, would ever make its way into your body.

Juvestan (breathing hard): We’ll have to see about what your blade is capable of doing.

As they pushed against each other, the Dark Lord wiped his blades back very suddenly, and smacked Juvestan’s swords up, over his head. And then he slashed his son across the chest. Juvestan was surprised, quickly clutched his wound and leaped back. Away from the Lord, he stood about two feet from him. And then he leaned with his shoulders against a metal pole that staples the bleacher

Degacy: Had enough? Because your coming back with me no matter if you want to or not!

Juvestan (gasping): I’ll never go back with you. I….have made my new oath, that I have actually chosen myself. You either fall here or you can finish me off. It’s not over yet!

Degacy: Juvestan….You are leaving me no chose.

Juvestan: You mean the same way you been doing to me all these years?

Degacy (quiety): hell, I just….really don’t know anymore.

Degacy raises his weapon, then hesitates and lowers them and stares at his son….

In the high school, Ridix prepares for their departion, back to Dunoch…

Ridix was back in the hallway where they set up their medical center, except it was packed up and it was back to its normal state. Alfanchi was had recovered and he, Ridix, Rooth and Harvey gets ready to leave to the front door.

Ridix: Alright Harvey, we’re leaving for Dunoch right now.

Harvey: ok, about time.

The four of them goes down the stairs and walks to the front doors of the school. Though the many hallways, Harvey makes one last look at the place before leaving it behind forever. Finally, they made their way through the front door. Ridix pulled out his communicator and Alfanchi pulls out a circular black rock. Rooth, too, pulls out a rock similar to Alfanchi’s.

Ridix: Harvey, you see the black circular things? Those are objects are the sacred objects that can be used to create portals that will cross into our world of Dunoch. Mine is a communicator because I morphed my stone with it.

Harvey: How do I get thought to your world if I don’t possess a stone?

Ridix: you don’t need one; you can just walk though our portals as long as we keep it open for you. These stones we just call a crossing for short.

Alfanchi: Ridix, we still need to move to a certain location or we might not get close to one of our town bases when we go through.

Ridix: Do you know our destined location?

Alfanchi: We need to go far to the North of here, probably about ten miles.

Rooth: That’s going to be a long road trip for Harvey.

Ridix: one of us should just carry him, while we move in high speed.

Alfanchi: Hey wait, we are forgetting about the Dark hero.

Ridix: Oh yeah forgot, thanks for reminding me. I think he’s still sitting at the back of the school. I’ll go gather him.

Alfanchi: alright, we’ll be waiting.

Ridix began a fast walk towards the side of the school, towards the lower field side…..

Juvestan is still resting next to the metal, catching his breath.

Juvestan: What are you waiting for? Rip me from this world!

Degacy (near tears): Juvestan…. How dare you betray our side….

Degacy begins to slowly walk forward, and raises his sword over his son’s head. Juvestan watches his father get closer, and then finally he releases his charged energy that he has been getting ready through this entire battle. Juvestan runs at light speeded pass his father and up the hill. Degacy got over his shock as his son was going uphill. Juvestan runs leaving a darkness trail behind him, rounding the corner of the school, leading himself to the front. He sees Ridix coming up ahead. Juvestan motions Ridix to go back, while Ridix just watches Juvestan speeding towards him. And then he sees the Dark lord right on Juvestan’s tail. Ridix turns around and runs back to Alfanchi, Rooth, and Harvey….

Ridix: Alfanchi! Run now!

The three at the front door stares at Ridix direction and then quickly run down the front of the school and onto the streets. They turned right and followed the road with Ridix behind them and Juvestan catching up to Ridix. Alfanchi was holding Harvey’s feet over his shoulder, while Rooth carried his head. Harvey was just mainly scared. Ridix was running at full speed, he was between the three in front and Juvestan which was behind him. And finally, the Dark Lord which was behind Juvestan whose speeding away from his father every second. Ridix was catching up to Alfanchi and Rooth because they have to carry someone.

Ridix: Alfanchi, let me get in front of you. In case a car comes and hits us, or anything else if the Dark Lord has anymore secret tricks.

Alfanchi: Alright, we’ll slow down a little. But where did he come from anyway?

Ridix: I don’t know, but he was with Juvestan.

Alfanchi: James?

Ridix: Juvestan, is his real name.

Alfanchi: what if he was communicating with his father?

Ridix: What is it with you guys doubts over me? I have told you before, Juvestan isn’t plotting against me. I feel that his heart has been becoming purer since we last talked.

Rooth: People have doubts over their enemies that haven’t showed any sign of an alliance, before this. How can we start trust him now?

Ridix: You guys will see. Juvestan has changed.

Harvey: You don’t really have completely fate in that, do you? You have said we should watch him.

Ridix: …. Well, my senses are good, but not always entirely correct. So we should still keep our guards up when we are with him. Harvey, you must attempt to trust me on this.

Alfanchi: I think we should quicken our speed and reach our destined spot fast. We don’t know what the dark lord can do. He might launch a big attack any second.

Rooth: We should, but I don’t think his attention is on us, yet. He might not even know we are here. His full attention is at Juvestan now.

Alfanchi: So he won’t be wasting his energy on catching us.

The End

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