Love Transform to Hate for One

Outside on the field, Juvestan sits thinking about this side. About how his father hadn’t cared for him in so very long. Now finally with the light, he will be returning to Dunoch. Such wonders filled him of home, when suddenly from behind the gate into the school ground becomes filled with darkness in a blink. Juvestan’s father, the Dark Lord was waiting in the darkness…

Degacy: Juvestan, what are you doing here? What has happened? I had been worried about you.

Juvestan (quietly): Are you certain of that. Hmph, this must be like the first time we meet face-to-face in years.

Degacy: Yes, that’s very lovely. Now tell me what your situation is.

Juvestan: Lovely?! You think that’s lovely that you haven’t seen your son in reality in so long.

Degacy: Quiet! You want the Remadss to hear us? I’m not sure why you been here and haven’t returned a call through your communicator yet, but I would like to know the outcome of the war. From the looks of how you’re here, must mean the war is won. Where’s the Remads’s corpse.

Juvestan: Oh don’t worry, Lord. The light won’t be harming me anymore.

Degacy: meaning the light has been extinguished?

Juvestan: Wrong! Me and the light have untied to destroy what stubborn dreams the dark has planned.

Degacy: Juvestan… The only person stubborn is you. Joining other sides is forbidden to their races. You’ll be slaughtered roughly by my hand. Stop your foolishness right now.

Juvestan: Sorry, but that isn’t going to work.

Degacy: The light spoiled your mind and feelings roughly. They are messing with you! They are the enemy, they must be slaughtered.

Juvestan: I told you, Lord. It won’t work. This is my decision now. I will choose my destiny.

Degacy: Juvestan…..

Juvestan: My destiny…… I have chosen Ridix.

And with that last sentence, Juvestan turned and ran to the side of the building. Degacy roared, and sprinted after his only son.

Degacy: Oh no, you aren’t getting away that easily.

Juvestan: Then by all means, catch me and kill me with your cursed blade…

The End

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