In the afternoon of that day, Harvey was back on his feet and Alfanchi was resting sleepy in bed. Harvey was walking in the hallways with Ridix at his side.

Ridix: This must be sad to you, that you have to leave this school.

Harvey: yeah, but I also want to help you guys if it’s going to stop dark people from walking on the earth.

Ridix: Glad to hear it. Listen there’s something I need to tell you.

Harvey: what?

Ridix: your friend James, isn’t died. And he hadn’t fled; basically he has done the opposite.

Harvey: I know, I overheard you while I was awake in my room.

Ridix: Clever enough, at least I don’t need to explain everything. But I must ask you not to be so hard on James. He was only doing what he thought was right.

Harvey: How can you and I trust him? He could still be on the edge to go back to the dark.

Ridix: Well, we can’t really until he shows his real feelings. But I have sense that he will do what’s right for the different races of people. So you and I really need to keep an eye on him.

Harvey: Where will be going after when we leave here.

Ridix: into a parallel universe. My world of Dunoch, is a world that can’t be crossed into from here just by walking. The traveler will need a device that will let them into Dunoch. Which I have, it’s built into this communicator I carry around. With this device we can create a portal to cross into Dunoch.

Harvey thinks about how different this Dunoch can possibly be. He and Ridix walk around the halls for memories for the next few hours….

The End

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