Immediately Rooth explored with rage.

Rooth: Are you crazy?! He must be killed. He isn’t to be trusted.

Ridix jumped at the loud voice that Rooth made. He grasped Rooth’s arm, who stood up.

Ridix: No! He’s no harm to us. I feel his trust in us. Do you question my presences?

Rooth: How can you even consider that? He is a long enemy. He tried to kill our people. He is dark and Light must extinguish the dark.

Ridix (holding tightly, and dragging his feet): No, you mustn’t

Rooth: Why did we need him, we already have you and Harvey, what use is a third hero? I don’t care if you were given leadership of this mission. I’ll destroy James even if I’m kicked from the council.

Ridix: you mustn’t depend on only me and Harvey. James is stronger than me; he might know a few secrets of the dark side. We can’t just put all our fate on Harvey. James will help.

Rooth sat back down and shucked his head.

Rooth: Ridix, your putting your entire race endanger just because you know that James might have the slightest chance to join us. Alright Ridix, I hope your right about this…

Ridix: not the slightest chance, more. I will be correct.

The End

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