Ridix's Understanding

Ridix went inside the building while Juvestan sat outside on the road to think about his future…. Ridix ran up the stairs to where Harvey and Juvestan first met with his assault. Somehow, the healers all had decided to use this spot for their main center. When Ridix walks in, he immediately is greeted by Aoki and Rooth.

Rooth: Ridix, how are you?

Ridix: I’m fine. Our situation seems to be better, but expect the lost of our troops. But with Harvey’s help, he had wiped out the Dark.

Aoki: that’s good news. We still have Harvey and Alfanchi to tend to.

Ridix looks around the hallway and sees the remaining two troops who were by the back entrance when he had fallen unconscious.

Ridix: Where are they anyway?

Aoki: They are in the classrooms. Harvey is resting, while Alfanchi has a few healers tending him. He has a nasty burn on his arm.

In Harvey’s room, Harvey had awoken, but still weak. He was listening to the conversations outside between Rooth, Aoki, and Ridix. He was very glad that he had finished the war, not that he really knows what he did….

Ridix: …. guys, we have to do something with Harvey really soon. Train him fast, an event like this can happen again very soon. We must be ready.

Rooth: Yes, that a big priority. But I think we should take him slow. We don’t want to overdo it.

Ridix: But, he must be able to fight property, or we might lose him.

Aoki: We all know that, but that doesn’t mean it has to happen fast.

Rooth: we don’t want him to explore with stress. We want him train like sort of the way you were.

Ridix: You don’t understand. We don’t want him to be cornered again like he was an hour ago. Our hope was almost lost.

Rooth: what are you talking about? Harvey did great; he particularly blew up the darkness along with their hero.

Ridix: Rooth, I don’t expect you to understand. I’m guessing because Harvey and I are heroes, we sort of have a connection between each other. I felt him struggle with my energy, and the pain that was inflicting him while in perform that skill. Don’t you get it?

Rooth: Calm down Ridix, I know you care about him, but don’t get carry away.

Ridix: Who’s getting carried away? I won’t let Harvey have to perform that pain again. We can’t do this more often or maybe regularly not even once. I bow to not use Harvey as a weapon……As a bomb! ..... A bomb that we can just recharge again and again, then blow it again

Rooth (hurt): I’m sorry Ridix. I didn’t think of it that way.

Ridix: It’s alright.

Aoki: So when are we moving back into Dunoch?

Ridix: Later today, when Harvey and Alfanchi are at full health. Alfanchi isn’t in a condition for moving.

Aoki: what about the dark hero, James. Is he died or did he flee?

Ridix (silently): …. He has taken an oath to me to join our side and avenge the side that never cared for him…

Rooth and Aoki both stared at Ridix like he was the one that had betrayed them, after a long silence….

The End

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