Light and Dark’s World

Ridix and Juvestan stood at the back door of the school. Juvestan awaits Ridix that’s about to tell him a huge secret.

Ridix: Juvestan, now we and Harvey are united; I must tell you where our location of our civilization lies.

Juvestan: Is it the same as ours? A parallel world from the Remadss world?

Ridix: wow, yours too?

The world that light and dark first regularly came from was a world that was paralleled from the Remads world. Like how parallel lines never meet, so is a parallel world can’t never cross to the other, unless by mystical means. Light and dark had fought for century to increase their rule over their world until eventually; both sides had lands at separate sides of their world and mostly wildlife in the middle. Then finally their sides created ways to enter the Remads World. It’s hard to tell which side had found a device to cross world’s first, but both sides had wanted to take the world for their purposes.

Evil wanted to take the land and turn the worthless people there, which seem to not know anyways to fight like they can, into slaves for labor to build their own empire. Good obviously can’t have the Dark obtain more land and have room for empires. Also they had claimed that the Remadss don’t deserve the future that evil will be plans to give them. So they have been standing between the darkness ever since to provide them to take over the Remads world.

The world that the two rival sides came from was named Dunoch (Dawn-o-ch-). It was mainly a huge island, and large bodies of oceans surrounding it. It was mostly oceans in the distance at a beach.  Both had wanted more territory, and both had created more lands that are beyond nature in their own territories. Good has the sky and dark has territory under the surface of the earth. Although, in their secret lands that they had made spreads though the whole world of Dunoch, they can’t just jump off the clouds or rise out of the ground anywhere they want to get back to main land. The secret passages were made in noble ways that can’t be immediately duplicated everywhere. Making new passages will require special resources all around Dunoch. Sometimes resources might be in the depths of hidden mountains on wild lands, deep oceans that surround their world, or possibly materials that are found in their opponents bases. So sometimes, it might just be best to live with the passages they got.

In the large oceans around Dunoch will become very stormy if traveled too far. Some tiny islands been found in the mysterious ocean, but most people became lost when they travel the oceans. Later on, both sides had named the ocean Dunoch

Ridix: You know about Dunoch?

Juvestan: Yes I do.

Ridix: Then I guess I don’t need explain about the parallel worlds. Do you need any treatment? You must be pretty exhausted from that attack Harvey set on you.

Juvestan: You saw the insane attack? By the way, where’s Harvey anyway?

Ridix: that attack was intense, and well…. He kind of fainted when he was done with it.

Juvestan: Is he hurt?

Ridix: Don’t worry about it; he’ll be fine when the healers are done with him.

Juvestan looked a little depressed. Then he wanted to ask Ridix something else.

Ridix: Our force was no match for yours, my people had all fallen. But Harvey had driven off the enemies at the front also. I’m guessing that attack he had launched was very big and lasts long.

Juvestan: I see.

The End

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