A New Road

Ridix: hmm, glad to see you awake, James.

James (smirks): Hmph, I’m beginning to wonder why you haven’t killed me?

Ridix: Harvey begged me not to.

James: Or maybe you two want to see me scream in agony and watch me die slowly.

Ridix: No… But I very well like to. Harvey thinks you can still be useful to us…

James: Useful?! In what way?

Ridix: (paused)  Side with us and help us destroy the darkness forever!

James (laughs): Pfft, what kind of dream world do you wish to belong in?

Ridix: Well, tell me this… Do you honestly favorite the dark?

James: Of course I do, it’s my side, where I was born. No one favorites anything else besides their hometown.

Ridix: I meant what your side plans to do? Goals?

James: Yup, sorry to disappoint you.

Ridix: Destruction, you want the whole planet to burn for what gain? Taking the whole planet to your race won’t make you any happier. Your race will soon get lonely. Another reason why you’re still alive is that, I have faith in you to recognize the dark side to what it truly is.

James: Conquering the world is all I plan to do, and becoming lonely with my own race. Yeah right, don’t try and trick me.

Ridix: No one is tricking you, just trying to show truth in your face. You’re the only dark person that has schooled in the Remads world, for five years to be exact. You made friends, like the Remads hero. Have you ever had any fun times in the Remads World? Nothing that was worthwhile to you?

James: hanging out with Remadss is okay, I guess.

Ridix: So why would you want to destroy an entire race that you have befriend and had good, fun times?

James: Quiet, those relationships were only temporary, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s my destiny to destroy the light.

Ridix: You can do something about it. Follow me, to a lighter path; make more people care about you, and you won’t need to slaughter people again. Come now James, I assure you that you’d love it.

James (confused of what to do): I….ummm….

Ridix: you don’t have people that really care about you in your race. You been away from home for so long, you haven’t really gotten to know anyone, since you left at eleven. Here you have a start where people will care for you. The Dark Lord has sent you on a very dangerous mission by yourself. Afterwards in that war, he hadn’t come to your aid. Looks to me that your father doesn’t entirely care or is he afraid?

James: Look, it isn’t as easy as you think, if I betray, he would find out and destroy me, himself.

Ridix: I liked to see that old lord get through me.

James: Alright, I’ll join your side. You are right, I do love your side better than my, everything seems so pure, loveful, and so….

Ridix: there’s no need to explain James….

James: Ridix….. Call me Juvestan (Gu-vest-tin)

Ridix raised his eyebrows in confusion. James noticed and responded quickly.

James: Well… Juvestan seemed hardly like a Remads name, so at the start of my mission five years ago, the dark lord given me the name James….

The End

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