Wished Future

James was standing in the throne room of his father, the Dark Lord. They were about celebrated James’ victory of destroying the Remads.

??? (impressed) : Degacy(Da-gu-C), your son, has killed the Remads hero!

Dark Lord (Degacy): Well, Zavior (Z-I-Ver), that’s what, is expected from our hero.

The Dark Lord looks at his son from his throne chair.

Degacy: I’m very proud of you son…

James was really hoping to be given honor from his father for the five years mission, but Ridix has dreams to protect the world from the darkness. And if there two people which are on separate side that want the opposite things, there just had to one that ends up upset….

James awakens from his dream, opening his eyes and staring at his lower body. And he notices that it’s covered by a yellow electrified looking string. He looks up and sees Ridix over him. They were by the road, but on the grass.

The End

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