Remads Hero Takes his Role

Ridix slides off Harvey and behind him. Ridix has fallen too. The troops were stunned with fear holding their weapons up to guard as the Army came closer and closer. They knew it was useless, but there was no need to die without pride. Harvey suddenly starts roar louder and louder.

James stares at Harvey with fear and confusion. With Ridix, Rooth, and Alfanchi defeated, the two dark warriors got overjoyed.

James (quietly to self): what is that? What has Ridix done? Harvey is….

Dark Warrior 1: Victory will soon be ours, finally!

Dark Warrior 2: Yes, look James only two troops left and the Remads.

Harvey yells louder

Dark Warrior 1 (Chant): You’re not very scary, you mindless Remads. C’mon James let’s finish this.

James stood his ground, while the dark warriors ran with their max speed at the troops. James made a grasp for them.

James (Louder) (Frightened): NO!! YOU FOOLS!

As the dark warriors were inches from Harvey and the troops. The troops brace for their final breath. The dark warriors raised their swords, then Harvey let’s go of his fist and motions his hands to his sides. The Dark warriors knew a second earlier that something powerful was about to happen…

The dark warrior yells filled the field. Harvey had unleashed his charged power. It shot multiple of waves like burning force fields. The first two dark warriors disinterger instantly into dark particles and vanished. James was blasted off his feet, and thrown fifty feet back. His whole army was blasted back, scattering them all onto the center of the field. The next force hit James into the metal fence at the end of the field, where he came with his army. The force that just hit James also hit the army and they too disinterged like the first two dark warriors. The waves of the forces were unleashed very fast; they just keep coming and coming, wave after wave. James was forced repeatedly into the fence. Struck there by the fence, there was no way to get away. Every time he struggled to get up, he was blow back down and into the fence. He was bloody all over and in a lot of pain. Dark blood scattered everywhere by the fence. He couldn’t do anything until the waves were over.

James (mind): I’ll make Harvey feel so much pain when I get to him. Let him die slowly; let him suffer like what’s happening to me right now. How long does this thing go on?

It was like the thirty-second wave hitting him, but still it continue. Unfortunately, for James, he never got to figure out how many waves the skill lasts, because James fell unconscious after the fifty-third…

The End

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