The Light being Extinguish

Rooth was telling Ridix of their horrible situation

Rooth: situation isn’t good, our forces are almost gone. And still even the lessened opposing side still fights strongly. Alfanchi was slashed pretty badly by a dark warrior.

Alfanchi (weakly): I’m fine, I can still fight, we got dark warriors coming. Watch out. Call reinforcements from the front entrance.

Ridix called though a communicator, the same type James holds and put it away.

The dark warriors were here by the back door. Rooth, Alfanchi, and Ridix fought them off together. After, Ridix’ wound from the cursed blade was finally coming into affect. While three people broke through the front line, they were two dark warriors and James. Ridix knees to the ground, one hand supporting himself and one covering the blight wound.

Ridix (yells): Ughh!

Rooth: what’s wrong, Ridix

Ridix: Never mind me, hold of James and the others.

Two troops exits from the back door.

Rooth: that’s not much reinforcement.

Alfanchi: The front entrance must be losing too.

Alfanchi, Rooth, and the two troops ran forward. The two dark warriors met the troops and Rooth and they starting fighting, swing swords desperately. James arrives after the dark warriors and tries to run around them. But his road is blocked by Alfanchi. Harvey walks out the back door and watches with sorrow as one of his friends wielding a cursed blade trying to get pass everyone to kill him. Ridix is kneeling, strength less to get up see him walking out of his safety.

Ridix (weakly): Har..vey, get inside now. Remember what I said.

Harvey widely opens his hands and quickly makes a fist and become furious inside as he to engulf with blue energy surrounding his entire body.

Ridix: …. Harvey?   (Can this be the power storage he holds?)

For a split second, James and Alfanchi stare at each other

James: Move it or face the fury of the darkness.

Alfanchi: I don’t think so; this is as far as you go. Our race will see victory today.

James: you really think so; you think your pathetic race of light is going to win. Look at your situation, face it, this war is ours. Victory belongs to the Dark Lord.

Alfanchi tries to slash James down, but James dodged quickly and grasps the warrior chief’s sword arm, inflicts darkness to it. Alfanchi gives a loud yell as his arm burned intensely. Ridix looks up and sees Alfanchi grasping his burned arm with his free hand. And James kicks him aside. Alfanchi lays uncurious on the side of the building. Rooth and troops pushes the dark warriors far back and they fell onto the ground, but they slowly stood up again and came back.

Ridix stares at Harvey. C’mon Harvey if this is your power, unleashing it now would be a good idea. Harvey seems to be struggling with the power inside him for some odd reasons. Rooth and the troops backed up to where Ridix was kneeling on the ground.

Ridix (minded): why doesn’t he unleash it? What could be wrong?

Then suddenly the answer pops in his head, like he knew the answer deep down after all. Harvey…. Isn’t developed correctly, he needs more energy to unleash his power; he needs a stronger, more special energy………..My energy.

Ridix slowly stood up with difficulty. He walks up to Rooth while James and the dark warriors approach slowly. Rooth turned to Ridix.

Ridix (weakly): ….Rooth. Look at Harvey…

Rooth: Ridix, you should be resting. And what’s up with the Remads anyway? The blue is strange….Has he been injured?

Ridix (weakly): no…. He using the power inside him, but doesn’t have enough energy to do it. He needs…. My energy…. I must give it to him, draining it from me.

Rooth: are you insane?! You will definitely fall unconscious; the situation of this war is horrible. We will surely lose if we don’t have you with us in our fight.

Ridix: But… it might be the only way, I’m useless right now.

Rooth: No, you can still stand. Don’t let James cursed swords get to you. We might still have a chance, but we will be lost without you.

At that moment, Rooth was hit by a darkness sphere in the back of his head. James had obviously taken the advantage while Rooth was discussing with him. Rooth was pushed back and his body slammed on the side of the building and he too, moved no more. Ridix ran to Rooth’s side, as the front line warriors were completely blasted aside. All the warriors of the light landed on the ground and none has risen to fight again. The two troops that were with Rooth were in horror.  They backed up until they were inches away from the furious Harvey. He was still glowing there struggling to unleash his power. Ridix too backed up away from Rooth, and looked at the field. All mages and warriors were slain or too wounded to continue. Alfanchi and Rooth lay uncurious by the side of the building, this was it. Just him, two troops, and Harvey. The dark army approaches the back door, James was closing in

Ridix (mind): what chose do I have? I hope I’m correct about this.

He ran to Harvey, and held his hands on Harvey’s shoulders. Yellow light was appearing on Ridix’ arms and transport to Harvey’s body. After awhile, the yellow light begin to fade from Ridix’ arms and he started slipping to the ground as the last spark of light vanish from his arm. Now leaned against Harvey for support.

Ridix (softly): there…it’s all yours.

Ridix (quieter): Now please come through for us, Hero of the Remadss, The light needs you….

The End

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