The Dark Steps Up

 Ridix and Alfanchi turned to look outside. And then see demons, hundreds of them entering the gates. The enemy’s side contained vicious four-legged creatures with horns and spiked tails, human-shaped creatures with corrupted looking skin and finally the standardize dark warriors, whole bodies just black with red eyes, and no sense of logic in them beside slaughter. Ridix runs for Harvey and Afanchi runs straight to the approaching enemies.

Alfanchi: they’re here already. Warriors advances.

Ridix: Hope to see you when it’s over.

Ridix reaches Harvey and grabs his hand and lead him back to the back door.

Ridix: Harvey, this is what the dark is capable of. All cursed creatures, I want you to watch closely and see if you can learn their tactics a little. Whatever else happens, just stay here.

Harvey gives a nervous nod.

Ridix turns and stares at the wall of warriors and then beyond them, the huge army.

Ridix (quietly to self): We might not have enough troops after all.

Ridix pulls out his long board sword from his shoulders, which seemed that the sheath just appeared there and goes to stand by the warriors next to the back entrance making sure no one passes. The dark army just keeps on overflowing the light units, which it wasn’t long until some enemies reached Ridix and tried to slash his face. Ridix’ bright-lighted sword quickly moves though the enemy’s head and it’s collapsed to the ground. But more was coming, a lot more. Eventually every warrior by the back entrance was fighting off the creatures. Ridix ran back and forth next to the entrance to kill the creatures before they enter the back door. He and many warriors were fighting off three creatures each. Some soldiers’ armor was ripped off and they would immediately kill. Ridix watches while threatening the four-legged creatures. But too far to go and help. He sees many of the warriors being slaughtered and looks to the front-line and sees many warriors being thrown across the field, whack aside, and stomped on. Mages couldn’t fight off the dark warriors for they were too fast and got close to the mages and slashed with their swords into their chests. But the elite warriors were doing great with the human giants and the dark warriors. In the midst of the battle, Ridix see James whacking his way though all around the battle, slashing the light people in arms and stabs in chests. Ridix shot light shields to some of the fallen warriors that he was able to before the enemies completed their final strikes. Both sides were losing units fast, Ridix shattered light beams at the creatures in front of him, and ran forward. Leaving the back entrance, toward where James was slaughtering. When Ridix was feet from James, he launched into the air at him and slashed. James saw him coming and brought his sword up to his neck and block Ridix’ surprise attack. James went with his free hand and took out his second cursed blade and slashed Ridix across the waist. Ridix gasped and backed up and charged and shot a beam straight at James. James tried to avoid it, but an ice skill was shot at him and he couldn’t avoid both. He dived and the light beam hit James on the left leg. He was sent, spinning away from the school. Ridix was kneeling and grasping his wound, while James slowly got up from the floor. He charged at Ridix and slashed downward at Ridix. Ridix dodged by rolling over on the ground and stood up and raised his sword.

James (catching breath): Your companions aren’t here to stand up to you. Why don’t you give in? You been wounded by my blade of agony.

Ridix: You seemed out of breath too, I wonder how long you can hold.

James: You’ll likely to fall first.

Ridix: Don’t judge what you can’t see. Don’t run on me again.

James circled around Ridix, charged. Ridix slashes at him, and uses James as a jumping stone and jumps over him with a spin. James immediately shoots small circular dark at Ridix. Ridix spins his sword and get rid of them. He creates a shield and shoves it at James’ face, Ridix runs forward and slashes. James blocks with difficulty with a shield trying to knocking into him. Ridix finds an openly and stabs James deep in his chest. Ridix stands back and watches James’ flowing out with black beams going up to the horizon. James throws his sword at Ridix, Ridix dodges and the sword went in a circle and is caught by James. James throws both swords at different angles and striking at Ridix. Ridix blocks and dodges the flying swords and James fires fire at Ridix. Ridix is hit and is burning, a mage spouts water above him and the fire goes out. Ridix charges and speeds at James and cut him around the waist. James body continues to blood with dark blood and gas up to the sky. James falls to the ground and gets up, turns and runs back to the other side.

Ridix tries to give chase, but doesn’t get so far. Ridix was slam back by a giant’s mace. Ridix lands and rolls on the ground and lays there. He stands back up and sees the giants coming this way, and runs and slashes at the giant. The giant counter strikes; Ridix ducks and cuts the giant again. The giant falls backwards and makes a loud sound on impact. Ridix looks at the situation of the battle and sees bloody bodies everywhere. Both light and dark, and still the battle was raging on both sides, he watches the elites still trying to hold off the dark warriors. Ridix runs back to the back entrance of the building. See most of the warriors lay died in light blood, many of the soldiers were wounded and have light beams where the wounds were. Ridix sees that he has pretty bad wound too, with the bright light coming out of his wounds. As he gets to the back door, some enemies were making their way through to the door. Two dark warriors vs. himself, all the other warriors by the door was either died or too wound to continue. They were being brought to the healers, but we needed more troops here now. He sees that Harvey is okay, so that’s nothing to worry about. As the dark warriors arrived, they went into quick battle with Ridix. He tried to block their strikes and look for openings, but it was difficult with the cursed wound that James gave him. Ridix shot beams at them when he gets a chance. The light was blocked and reflected by their dark blades. Finally, he struck one in the chest and ripped his body by bringing the sword up. Dark blood leaked all over Ridix’ hand, and he brought his sword out to block the other dark warrior. The other one was fast, but Ridix was slightly faster. They cleaved swords for awhile and then Ridix knocked the dark warrior’s weapon out of his hand and slashed the creature from the throat to the stomach. The creature fell to the ground and begins to fade. The first one was hardly alive; he was coughing on the ground. Ridix raises his sword once more and stabbed him though the chest again and he fade as well.

Ridix backs up to the door and sits down exhausted. And then sees more dark warriors breaking through the front lines and heading towards him. Both sides’ fronts have lessened greatly; there were probably not more than twenty warriors on each side. But that doesn’t solve the problem with more dark warriors heading this way. He slowly stands up and suddenly Rooth runs over here from the left side supporting Alfanchi who had a huge wound on his left shoulder down to his arm. He was no longer grasping his shield. There were uproars over at the fighting scene and our forces retreats farther back to the school. James has reentered the battle.

The End

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