The Rallied Forces

Ridix stand up and turned to the staircase. Harvey got up from the cushions. Ridix and Harvey left together down the stairs and though the same door James escaped from. The door led to the side of the school. Outside of the school was street going around the building to allow cars to drive around the building. A long field is beyond the road, it contains a soccer field. The field was also stretched longer until a wooden wall at the end. Ridix led Harvey to the right after they came out, continuing forward to the back entrance of the building. The rallied light forces were assembled by the back door.

Ridix: Here’s our major problem, Harvey. We can’t leave all our forces at the back, cause I’m sure James would try to break though the front of the building. Your school is surrounded by fences, which only leaves openings at the back and the front. So we must hold the dark forces at both ends.

Harvey: I see.

They moved forward into the army. There were warriors armed in steel armor with shields and long broad swords. Mages with blue robes and staff that have colored stones at the tip. And many healers inside the building of the back entrance. Ridix walks up to the elite warriors which wear red and gold armor. He goes up to the chief warrior that has slightly more designs on his helm to tell he more skillful than the rest.

Ridix: Alfanchi (L-fan-ch) Glad you can make it. It’s going to be a bloody battle.

Alfanchi: Ridix, our forces are assembled. We’ll be ready when the forces of darkness arrive.

Ridix: Can we speak alone for a sec?

Ridix led Alfanchi into the back entrance and waves to Harvey to stay outside.

Ridix: Do you see the kid that was with me?

Alfanchi: Certainly, he’s the Remads, correct?

Ridix: that’s correct. He’s really powerless at the moment; he didn’t really show anything special yet. So he obviously needs to be watch while the dark makes their assault. I also want him to watch the battle so he can get an idea what’s he’s up against.

Alfanchi: That’s dangerous. He should take cover in the building. Or do you want me to watch him?

Ridix: no, I’ll watch him. We need your forces on the front line. But I’ll take some of your warriors to form a line around the back entrance. Not just protecting Harvey, but also the healers. It will be very bad if one enemy makes it through.

Alfanchi: I understand.

Ridix: what about our forces at the entrance?

Alfanchi: I divided my forces in half, half here and half at the front entrance. I’m sure the mages has separated also.

Ridix: I think we are basically ready. Now it time to wait for….

Then came shouts and many numbers beginning to move outside.

The End

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