A Small Chat

Back at the school, Ridix, Rooth, and Aoki watches as the other two healers putting their last efforts to revive Harvey.

Ridix: (quietly) As of now, James has gathered his forces and is heading this way.

Rooth: Don’t worry, our forces are assembled outside the building.

Ridix: Good, at least we will be really to fight James’ army back.

Aoki: Harvey, should be better soon. I’ll go back to the council to gather more healers for our fight here.

Ridix: Oh yes, good idea. Rooth, you’re going to have to teleport her back. I’ll stay with Harvey.

Rooth and Aoki stand up and Rooth engulfs them in light and they both vanished. The other two healers sat down in exhaustion.

Healer 1: we’ll going down to the army and see how things are.

Ridix: ok, good work.

Both Healers went down the staircase they had come. Ridix watches the motionless Harvey. After what seem like tem minutes, Harvey awakens.

Ridix: Harvey, you alright?

Harvey: I’m fine, where am i?

Ridix: same place you collapsed. Don’t worry, James isn’t here to harm you anymore.

Harvey: Who are you, anyway?

Ridix: I’m Ridix, hero of the light. And you Harvey are the first hero of the Remadss.

Harvey: I’m a Remads?

Ridix: the race of people who are usually weaker than the light and dark side, but now that will all change with you.

Harvey: So I’m a hero of my people? Why so?

Ridix: err…. Because Harvey, heroes are born once in awhile, one hero at a time for the light and dark side. There had never been a hero for the Remadss, maybe that’s why your race of people doesn’t know that the other two races exist.

Harvey: Are you saying my race is weak?

Ridix: I never said that. You will probably be our savior. Evil will soon overcome us eventually, because unlike them we want our self to be pure, have peace and happiness in the world. While dark doesn’t care how corrupted they get. They will bear any curse as long as they are promised of annihilating their enemies.

Ridix: Harvey, wonder why you’re our savior? Well, due to the lack of Remads heroes in the past, the gods of destiny has chosen a hero for the Remadss that will hold more power and energy than the rest of the heroes that ever lived.

Ridix: Your friend James was faking with friendship in order to get close to the other Remadss, to find out who will become the hero. While you and I are heroes, James is the prince of darkness, the hero of the dark.

Ridix: When you’re developed in the proper way, you will be able to unleash your energy on your enemies. Now let’s stop talking about the future and focus on our real in the near future.

Harvey: What’s that?

Ridix: James had figured out that you lived that blow, and now the dark side is in fury and is coming here to destroy everything. We mustn’t let this school fall, or people of your race will be killed

The End

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