Planning Preparations

At that time, is when the principal walks right though the broken doors of the staircase.

Mr. P: What is this? Students are saying to about not coming down this hallway. Stuff like the doors is blocked and other random excuses. And I’m here to see….

He stops when he eyed the box of strangle shaped bottles and his sight move over to the wounded body on the cushions and five people stare at him.

Mr. P: What’s happened here? Is that a student on the cushions.

Ridix stands up to reason with him. Mr. P watches as he approaches.

Mr. P: did you guys murder the boy??

Ridix: that doesn’t seem like the problem here. We murdered no one. Or the kid weren’t be on these cushions and we weren’t be giving treatments to him.

A healer used some energy and light appeared above Harvey’s body. The principal was no fool; he had just noticed the light which is beyond nature.

Mr. P: What was that light? Tell me what’s happened to him.

Ridix: well, first we obviously didn’t murder Harvey, orr….

*Ridix kicks over the empty box of medicine.*

Ridix: we wouldn’t have this box of medicine here. Or we all weren’t be here.

Mr. P: alright then, I see the point. So what are all those strange lights above that injury boy, is he ok?

Ridix: Harvey, will be fine with us. And the strange lights, are magic healing spells from those healers.

Mr. P: …. healing spells?

Ridix: I think we got some explaining to do. Rooth, I sense that the dark side might come here any moment, they will soon figure out that the Remads hero isn’t died.

Rooth: You positive, Ridix?

Ridix: their fury will erupt, and they will bring a fierce over here and destroy everything.

Rooth: we need to go gather our forces.

Ridix: that’s correct. We’ll go together. We have to protect this school. I’m not letting these Remadss died for our search to find the last hero…

            Out in the dark, rain has fallen hours ago. Still James runs for cover to make sure he was far away from the light ones as possible. Taking shelter under a small cliff with a rock sticking out to block the rain. James pulls out his communicator and calls his father.

James: Lord….

Dark Lord: how you been?

James: the Remads hero has been slaughtered by my hand.

Dark Lord: are you positive, son? He is died?

James: yes, he’s died. I hit him with the Death Blow. Ridix tried to stop, but I got the hero in the end.

Dark Lord: You met Ridix!?

James: well, yes. He found out where I was with the hero and tried to interfere.

Dark Lord: and you got around him, correct?

James: certainly, my mission is complete.

Dark Lord: Well…. I think not!!

James: …. What? But I killed him with darkest arrow in the world. He must be died. Unless….

Dark Lord: Did Ridix intersect the death blow before hitting the hero?? Say it isn’t true.

James: He intersected with his golden shield skill, but it doesn’t matter my arrow still broke though.

Dark Lord: Idiot!! You have doomed us all. The Remads Hero survived and I still feel his presence lingering.

James: How.. How ... Could he have survived??

Dark Lord: You fool, because of you, the light has two heroes now. We can’t let things out of control!!

James: What should I do? How do I kill him now, what is he? Immortal? Why didn’t he die?

Dark Lord: It’s because the death blow only kills the first thing it hits. The damn light hero’s shield was the first thing it hit. So it got the cursed blow, while after the first hit when it stab into the Remads’s hero’s body, it was just a strong dark original arrow. Heroes don’t die as easily, even if they aren’t developed. So the Remads must be just nearly dead, but I bet you the light ones will bring him back to health. Which means, you failed me?

James: Please, give me another chance, father.

Dark Lord: I risked much by trusting you. And you didn’t even know the basic of how the Death Blow works. Or maybe… you did know how to work it; you didn’t want to kill the Remads because he was your so called friend. So you held back.

James: No, I didn’t. I just overexcited, then panic when Ridix arrived. Please sir, another chance?

Dark Lord: …. alright, I want you to destroy the two other heroes, both light and Remads. I’m going to sent you an army of dark creatures. I want you to lead it and destroy that school kill the Remads and if you can kill Ridix too.

James: It shall be done.

Dark Lord: remember, I’ll lose much if this battle comes out as a fail. It will send our race back a lot…

The End

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