Explaining Situation

After a few minutes, Rooth came up the staircase with a box of medicine and three healers, one female and two male. One of the healers was holding cushions.

Ridix: good job, Rooth.

Ridix now directs his attention at the female healer. The healer with the cushions place a cushion under Harvey’s head and under his back.

Ridix: Aoki (uh-Key), hope we aren’t too late.

Aoki: Is this him, the…hero?

Ridix: yes, he in a bit of a wreck but I’m sure he’s still alive. I sense the presence of his life. And great power still lingers from him.

As the healers started to work on Harvey, and taking out many bottles of medicine.

Aoki: mind telling me what happened?

Ridix: I’ll share it. Okay, there was this psycho dark guy harming Harvey when I arrived, I’m thinking he was the dark hero, James. Harvey seemed in so much pain. I’m guessing that James had slashed him with that cursed blade. It supposed to cause extra agony to the target.

Aoki: I’m surprise he still alive.

Ridix: why shouldn’t he? He’s the hero of the Remadss. Heroes don’t die that easily even though they don’t know who they are. Ok, when I arrived, James shouted my name. I think he frighten when he saw me. I called my companions over here so we can corner James.

Aoki: how he get away?

Ridix: I’m getting to that. When we thought we had James all cornered up, he reacted so quickly that it was shocking. He created a force field blocking the others from reaching him. Now that just left me with Harvey and James. James was charging his death blow and aiming at Harvey. I was trying to break the wall, which was a pretty stupid move I did there.

Aoki: Omg, James hit Harvey with the Death blow? Isn’t it an instant death!? So how can Harvey be alive?

Rooth: that’s what I like to know, Ridix? I do trust your senses, but c’mon he was hit by the dark arrow. No one survives that. Why are you so certain he’s alive

Ridix: Calmed down, Rooth. I tell you my intentions when I’m done telling Aoki the story. Now where was I?

Rooth: You’re at the point when I called your name.

Ridix: ah yes, Rooth called my name to pay more attention on the Remads hero instead of my companions. I turned around and use my shield protection; you know the golden light shield. I intersected the blow and our spells sort of hang there for a moment, trying to hold each other back. While the dark arrow was hanging in front of my shield, I focused up another one and place behind the first shield but right in Harvey’s face. The first shield shattered and I guess James was building up energy on the thick arrow to increase it force. So it shattered my first shield and melted right thought my second and then it entered Harvey’s body.

Aoki gasped.

Ridix: now here are my intentions, the death blow is clearly an instant death if it wasn’t interfered before it meets its target. So that must mean, my first shield had gotten the full hit of the blow. So it shattered to pieces. And James was chanting a spell to power up the force, but not really power up it, just making it travel faster.

Rooth: but why did the second one just melted away?

Ridix: Oh, I was rushing. So I didn’t construct the second correctly. So it meant to be weaker than the first. So I think we can clearly agree that our friend here is not yet died.

Rooth: Not yet, died?

Ridix: well, yes he can still died now if he doesn’t get the proper treatment, which I think Aoki is more than capable doing.

Ridix: we’ll leave you to that, Aoki (with a smile).

The End

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