Lights Shines with Hope

James climbed down the stairs and out a door at the bottom of the staircase and out to the side of the school. And then he had run out of sight, putting as much distance from him and that school. Then he will announce his victory to his father, or so he thought. Also little does the Light side knows that all their hope isn’t lost yet…

Ridix kneed at Harvey’s non-steady body not even trying to chase after James, tears releases from his eyes. The lighted ones had gathered around Ridix and Harvey.

Light-ones: So the Remads Hero is died, what are we going to do? We can’t hold off the dark side forever, they eventually find a way to corrupt themselves with power.

Ridix: ……..

Ridix just stood his ground, his tears stopped and he stared at Harvey.

Light-ones: should we give chase to James?

Ridix: …… (wide-eyed)

Light-ones tried to get Ridix back to his senses; trying to find out what should they do next.

Light-ones: Should we call the council that our mission has turned into a fail?

Ridix: (still waits) ……..

Light-one: Ridix snap out of it, will you? We know we lost a terrible loss, but that’s no reason to go insane.

Ridix: still your tongue, Rooth… The boy…. Is…not...died…

Rooth: What are you saying? He was hit by the death blow.

Ridix: He’s not died, Rooth! We need healers, medicine, everything now!

Rooth: If you say so, Ridix.

The bell rang, for school to be over. Rooth engulfs himself in round light and was gone.

Ridix: everyone the Remadss will be coming this way in any second. You must direct them to a different way, while I try to hide Harvey and keep him alive.

The Light-ones went down the hall where the two friends first came from and try to tell people to go the other way. While Ridix is at the end of the hall trying to feed his very own health medicine to Harvey.

Ridix: Don’t worry, Harvey. I won’t let you die.

Harvey moans

Ridix (mind) C’mon hurry up, Rooth.

The End

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