Finish It and Escape

As the teenager runs through where the door was just blasted, he stares at the two of them. His eyes glares with rage as he understands the situation. He focuses his sight on the teenager with his two swords drawn.

???: This ends here you dirty creature of the dark.

James: Ridix!!

Ridix: Lay off the Remads. It’s over.

At this moment from the hall, where James and Harvey had come, came a group of students filled with energy. It was the disguised light ones.

One of the Lights: Give up you completely surrounded. You can’t possibly win, there are four of us and Ridix.

James stared at the group that just arrived. Harvey started to slowly stand up. James had planned out what he would do next before the end of the light one speech. James used most of his energy to form wall of force at the light ones so they can’t get through. Now that just leaves Ridix. Ridix was shocked that James moved so fast that he just stood there.

James (mind): that force won’t hold for long, and I need to kill the Remads now.

The light ones behind the wall was pound on the force field and shooting bits of light at it. Ridix stepped forward to try and shatter the wall. When Ridix had turned to his companions. James was free to finish his death skill. He charged dark energy, aiming at Harvey. In Harvey’s condition right now, he couldn’t do a thing, but just stand and watch his death coming. James energy formed a purple beam in his hands and was starting to form a point at the end.

Light Ones: Ridix! The Remads.

Ridix turns and focuses his light energy and. James fires his death skill, which cause the target a lot of pain, but also instant death. The dark thick arrow was inches from Harvey, when Ridix’ light shield intersected. The shield blocked the death blow, and right there the two spells clanged against each other. The light ones all stopped smashing and watched the shield holding back the dark skill from the hero of their last hope. Ridix tried to form another shield behind the first. The second one lay right in front Harvey’s face. And then the first shield shatters and the dark arrow speeds up at Harvey and the final shield. It was like the arrow was strong than before, like the arrow absorbed the energy of the first shield. The final shield’s center was broken into a hole, when the arrow met it. And the dark arrow entered into Harvey’s chest.

Harvey yelled, it filled the whole hall and then he collapsed onto the ground.

Ridix: Noo!!!

Light ones: Arrrgggh!! Rgghh

The light ones had shattered the force field. James had ran down the stairway and Ridix was just staring at Harvey in disbelief.

The End

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