Chapter 6: Cornered and Assault

So there James waited by the ramp until the end of class, the last period of the day, Harvey’s last day to live before James snuffed him his life. All if it, he will take everything away from Harvey… Then James thought he was blessed by the god of the dark. Harvey Zing came out of the room and went the opposite direction of the hall where James stood. James didn’t’ know how such a glorious thing could have happened when the odds have been against him all of today. Harvey could have been going to the bathroom, doing s favor for the teacher or whatever he going, but James knows this is it. Harvey is walking towards the spot where James wanted him, towards that end of the hall is a stairway, but with no classrooms around. It’s the perfect place to kill him. Finish the weapon that is the only hope for the good and Remads race

And so James walked after Harvey. James felt determined, after five years his mission is about to be completed in a few moments. It’s like he had walked into a portal of victory, walking towards Harvey that hasn’t noticed one of his friends approaching him.

At the end of the hall, Harvey went towards the door to the stairway and surprisingly finds it not opening like it was lock. Harvey continues to push and then stops.

James (mind): Heh, little does he know that I have blocked that door from opening right before he had reached it.

James: (quietly) Harvey Zing.

Harvey: hi James, there something wrong with this door. I think is busted.

James: Hmph, don’t worry Harvey the door isn’t busted.

Like a fool, James decides to stall with Harvey before killing him. Pretty much just taunting at him.

Harvey: it’s not opening (with a smile)

James: the door won’t open because I blocked from you, so you can’t use it to …. (Takes in a breathe) escape….

Harvey: heh, escape? What you mean by “you blocked it?”

James: something you weren’t understand.

Harvey:K (don’t smiling) I might understand if you tell me….

James: I’ll just be wasting my time.

Harvey: Okay.… well, I’ll just go a different way, which is longer.

Harvey tries walks around James. James simply sidestepped and now James was in his face. Harvey was about as short to James’ shoulder. While James towers over him, with a glare and some sorrows in his eyes.

Harvey: Dude, do you have a problem. Move.

James: I don’t think so.

James eyes started turning from his usual brown eyes into dark red ones, his hand form to a formation like when someone is about to fight, bending his legs slightly. Darkness formed on James’ shoulders, which formed into sword sheaths. James face grows darker with darkness covering his face. And he draws out one of his swords. A long glowed cursed blade with a sharp red colored edge held in front of Harvey. Harvey took a step back in fright. With the staircase blocked and no doors behind him, his only way to escape is getting around James and going back the way he came.

James: there’s no easier way to explain this.

He slashes his prey on the left arm, making a long cut and blood start to flow out, red and shiny. Harvey grasped his arm and fell to his knees.

James: Destiny has chosen me, you must be murdered. You will be too much trouble to my entire race. Say goodbye to your joyful life.

Harvey: what are you, James. Why would you kill someone?

James: (sigh) I have just told you why I must kill you today. You, the hero of the Remadss, must die before you develop too much. You will be a huge threat and we are already being threatened by the light ones. Although, maybe I would have felt better slaughtering my buddy, if you actually put up a mean fight. But I’m not going to get my wish, considering……

James reached towards the wounded kid with his weapon-free hand. He grabbed Harvey face, and rubbed the soft sad face. The face had showed he was in a lot of pain and fear.

James: how Helpless, you are. (Evil Laugh) (James dropped him)

James: I’ll tell you what; I’ll use some of my dark energy right now. You will still feel pain, but it will kill you quickly. Then you can go on to the afterlife, where you belong. You silly Remads hero

James sheathed his cursed blade with Harvey’s blood on it. Moved both his hands and was about to charge dark energy when…. The blocked door to stairway was blasted apart. And from in the stairway, walks in a teenager about the age as James, with blond spiked hair and pure blue eyes. And James begins to panic…

The End

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