Desperate Countdown

James followed Harvey out of the lunchroom. And depressed fell when he found him still grouped with friends. It’s been the same until lunch ended. He watches Harvey and his pals walk to their next class. Surrounded by friends, never changing, the same again and again…

James: I can’t attack now. He has too many people; anyone of them could be my enemies. Maybe even about 3 of them, and if one survives the encounter with me. They will likely call the council of their race and I’ll face Ridix in a matter of seconds.

James hid in a nearby bathroom until the bell rang again to signal that the period is over and it’s time for their next class. Two more classes remain, time was collapsing around him. Time will soon be up.

James waited near Harvey’s classroom in a stairway. Waiting, stalling for the bell, when a teacher was climbing up the stairs. James ran though the door into the hallway and ran down the hall, into a bathroom at the end.

James: I should have blasted that teacher into pieces, but then again that’s not the importance of the mission. I shall not fail this mission, for the Dark Lord.

            Once again the bell rang, James went out of the bathroom and sees Harvey at the end of the hall. He fast walks to him, which is quite hard with the crowd of people. Harvey has made a right at the end of the hall. James watches the corner of the hall, ten seconds after. Making a right and walking pass the classrooms looking for Harvey. At the end, there was a door to a different hallway. The door leads James into a small bridge with bars on the side. It was a small bridge, James had walked pass and opened the door at the end of the room. The next hallway was like a change of scenery, the walls were white and not the usual red color from the other halls. In front of James was a ramp going up and ended at the first classrooms which were on the left. And he sees Harvey waiting by the second door on the left, which is…….surrounded with his friends or classmates. The teacher calls the students into the classroom, while James watches from the entrance of the white hallway.

This is impossible to get him on his own. Screw the regular plan; I’ll just corner him outside when he waiting for the bus. I’ll tell him I want to show him something and bring him to the back of the school and slaughter him with my dark cursed blade. Yes yes, that’s what I’ll do. And if I attract any light people, I’ll like to see them outrun my speed!

The End

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