Predicting Ahead

James went to call his father through the communicator to see what he should try next.

Dark Lord: what’s up, son

James: the hero proves to be cleverer to be cornered easily. How much time do I have left?

Dark Lord: Clever?! In what way?

James: well, not clever. The odds just aren’t on my side. So the time I have before the enemies, please.

Dark Lord: you basically have until 6 o’clock, tonight. But you probably should get to him before school ends. You won’t be able to follow him home, unless you can outrun a vehicle.

James: I’ll try my hardest, even if I have to reveal myself to the Remadss.

Dark Lord: you might be killed my son, remember the students in the school aren’t all just Remadss, there are light ones in disguise. If you plan on a final attempt to finish off the hero, make sure that there are the least people you attract.

James: why must it only be me, the only dark one to disguise as a student from our race.

Dark Lord: It’s a pity, we darker people linger more. Our presence will reveal us the more we come in numbers. You, my son, are the dark hero. I sure you will be the one that will accomplish this huge event in our entire race.

James: I understand, father.

Dark Lord: (softly) ……. Don’t get caught, my son.

James was surprised at the last words and closed the communicator. James knows his father doesn’t want him died, but if it’s to save his race and destroying that one person who has been promised ultimate power higher than the previous heroes of dark and light than risks are meant to be made. Harvey Zing, the first of the Remads hero who ever lived, must be slaughtered…

The End

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