Chapter 3: Failed Attempt

At that moment the bell rang signaling the end of that class period. The teacher glared at James as he walked out, apparently still angry at him cutting class. Now was lunch period, where James can search for Harvey and follow him until it looks like he will be alone. James had found him in the cafeteria. At this school there were about three cafeterias due to the many students that usually attend this high school. Harvey was obviously grouped with friends. This might be way harder than he had thought. How in the world was he supposed to kill him without drawing attention? He had thought maybe he can ask him to meet him somewhere in the school to tell him something. Somewhere far away from everyone maybe like on the back of the building on the 2nd floor. James thought he should give it a try. James stepped forward, towards his friend that he must murder in the next few hours to be successful. He tapped Harvey on the shoulder; he turned with a smile and greeted James.

Harvey: Hi, James

James: Hey Harvey, can you do me a favor after school? Come to my locker and I’ll tell you then.

Harvey: what you need, can’t you just tell me now.

James: umm, just some extra homework, I need catching up on.

Harvey: Don’t you want to do it now? We can work on it together, C’mon take it out.

James (minded): …. fuck, what do I tell him? I don’t have any homework I need catching up on.

James: umm, I don’t to draw attention to myself with everyone around. I’m not as smart as everyone else.

Harvey: Well, that’s alright. Nobody cares.

James: can’t we please just do it after school?

Harvey: well, I can’t because I need to leave immediately after school I take the bus. Just take out your HW.

James: hmph

James set his back pack on an empty table next to Harvey’s table with his friends. And starts to dig though his backpack, while Harvey brings his lunch over here.

James (minded): damn that kid, what do I do? I have to say I made a mistake.

James: Harvey, I just remember I finished last night (laugh)

Harvey: oh, so you’re caught up? That’s great.

James: well, bye.          Harvey: bye, ask me again when you need help.

James wanders away from the table. Walks past a lunch lady’s window

James: Yea yea, you son of a bitch.

Lunch Lady: watch that foul language.

James: wasn’t talking to you.

Lunch Lady: still, all the same.

When people were beginning to stare, James knew it was better to just close his mouth and shut up. James walks out of the cafeteria and down the hall. Well, that plan of his didn’t work. Now it’s back to the following and waiting.

The End

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