Juvestan's Mission

Juvestan, his Remads name James which was given to him to disguise as a Remads, now at high school was obviously not even trying to catch up on his subjects, why even bother? He needs to focus on his mission. The time may come any second. And the time did come, very soon. It was 3 weeks into the school year when the lord of darkness gave him the instructions that the Remads hero has been lingering its presence.  The dark lord was positive of who they would be hero will be. The hero would be a short freshman kid, someone who has the best joy in their life. James couldn’t find a more better person then Harvey Zing. A kid that has a lot of success in life and had groups of friends and always seems to has a bright expression. James would know because he been his classmate for quite some time. He reported this to his father with a special communicator. The dark lord would have been foolish if he sent his son into the Remads world without some special way to communicate with him while he was on his mission when he was 12. James, now 15, had been given the instructions that he may be correct on this kid. When James showed Harvey though the communicator to his father, he was bewilder by the Remads presence. He had felt the power of a hero and now was certain that Harvey Zing is the Remads hero.

Dark Lord: That’s my son, go and kill him immediately.

James: ermm…. Alright

Dark Lord: What’s wrong with you, nervous? For what? Your about to complete the mission you put your heart into for five years! You will be honored, and our enemies will lose their secret weapon they plan to use on us.

James: I know that. But it just that, Harvey is one of my closest friends.

Dark Lord: you have friends, huh? Well, is that one Remads really going to hold you back from saving my race? Don’t you understand? He wills annihilated you when he well developed. When he finds out you’re a prince of our race. The good will transform him into their war dog.

James: I know, but does it really have to end this way? Isn’t there some way we can get him on our side or corrupt him.

Dark Lord: Look son, he won’t like our plans for making his race into servants of the world. Corrupting him would be difficult and also won’t let him keep the same personate, so he weren’t being your friend any more.

James: Father, did you think what our goals for the world is fair? What we plan to do to the world, making everything corrupted, taking people life away and ruling a burned earth?

Dark Lord: What the hell got into you these years? Have the Remads corrupted my son? You know what my side wants, which is eternal darkness. Darkness is my beauty in life. You understand? If not you are hardly a son of mine. Your end will be slaughtered by hand. Now killed that boy before the light shows up and we will lose our chance!!!

James: It shall be done, my lord.

James saluted his father and closed the communicator. He must now find a way to corner Harvey Zing without any attention caught to him. It mustn’t take too long either, the lord is right, if we know the location of the Remads hero, it will hours before the cursed light side finds the hero too. James went down the hall back to his classroom. He had asked for the bathroom when he went to make a message to his father. The teacher of the class, obviously noticed he’s been gone for at least fifteen minutes.

Teacher: Where have you been all this time?

James: I was going to the bathroom like I asked.

Teacher: I don’t think that’s all you been to. Fifteen minutes you been gone, fifteen! I would like to let you know that cutting class is against the rule and can cause suspension.

James: Sorry, I sort of got lost. (Class Laughs, and James glares at them) I only been to this school for about 3 weeks and I still haven’t memorize everything. And well, I didn’t have my map with me, because my HW pad is in my bag.

Teacher: I think you should really remember where your classes are. One day you might get into some real trouble.

The End

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