Hero of Light and Dark

War have been raging on between two races of people, the light and the dark. It seems so endless, but the dark would risk anything to be victorious. Even fusing with energy that would make them less sane. The Light may actually fall.
But rumors that the third race of people might bring a ultimate hero that will banish dark from the face of the Earth .

Chapter 1: How it Begun



For years, Juvestan (Gu-vest-tin), a prince of darkness, was sent into the light world for schooling, but really he was there to spy. He was sent by his father who was the lord of darkness. The lord controlled a vast army of the fiercest creatures. The world would be dominated by the dark lord if it wasn’t for the light ones. In the world, there are three races of people. One dark who wants to conquer the earth into eternal darkness and make slaves for labor. Another race is the Remads, who are helpless beings, with no powers, only what humans can normally do. They also have no clue that the other two races even exists. And finally the light ones, the incredible people who wants peace on the earth and wouldn’t stop at nothing till the dark is defeated, the only threat on Earth. Through years, the good and evil has been equality match, unless the hero betrays his side, but which hero would love another side more? Both sides always have a chosen one, which they would have ultimate power, superior to their entire race, the heroes are immortal, meaning they can only be killed in battle not age. There was never a remads (rain-ands) hero until now..

The Remads hero was finally born; because destiny has chosen the Remads to bring balanced to the sides. The Remads hero was to have complete power over the other two sides for the lack of heroes in the past. This someone was decided by the dark side needed to be killed before it comes of age, before he was trained properly.

Years ago, the dark lord had slightly found out where destiny would put the Remads hero when the heroes of all sides will be revealed. Heroes of the sides aren’t revealed at birth, they are revealed at a certain time in life. When that time comes, James must destroy the hero. The hero should be in the school that James was sent to by his father. James was sent on this mission about 5 years ago. Starting in Middle school at 5th grade, now he was a freshman at high school. James was told to simply adapt with the other students until the revelation takes place. Before freshman year, the hero of light was already revealed; the boy’s name is Ridix. (Rrr-i-disc) The hero of dark is James, and now soon the hero of the Remadss would soon be revealed. At the moment James has no idea where Ridix is, but he could have already figure out that the hero of dark was James and can even be following him from a distance right now to see if he does anything suspicious.

Ridix and Juvestan's destiny of heroes of their side was already revealed years ago. Now the possibility now is that they both are waiting for the last hero. Which Ridix will try to protect and help him to become warrior, while Juvestan must destroy him before the good side gets their clutches on the Remad...

The End

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