Chapter VI part1

Chapter Six

         After hours of explaining the confusion between 'H.E.R.O., Herro and a Hero' and telling Kelly how he got accepted as a new recruit in H.E.R.O. Herro grew curious of her origin. "So, how did you get recruited into H.E.R.O.?" The two were still walking towards the H.Q. for the exam that took place here in a few hours.

          "Oh it was simple! Unlike you I actually defeated my first Zarling." She claimed.

           "Woah! Really?" Herro was ecstatic.

          "Well..." Kelly placed a finger on her chin right under her bottom lip. "I would have."

           Herro stopped.  "You got to be kidding me." Herro started walking again. "You can't be actually serious right now."

           Kelly halted and stomped her foot. "What does that mean?"

          "You actually can't have me believe that a H.E.R.O. officer stole you off a Zarling kill. The officer that saved me actually waited till the last second. " 'But then again, that second Zarling attack, that guy didn't wait to see me in action. Herro began to think that she could be telling the truth when.

          "Okay fine. It may have looked like a losing fight but I had 'em. " Kelly exclaimed.

         Herro nodded. "Thought so... So how close do you think we are?" As Herro finished his question he came out of the trees to find himself standing on a cliff that was about 5 feet high and revealing the H.E.R.O. H.Q. "Never mind."


The End

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