Chapter V Part 2

      Herro started to slow down. He has been running for a while, you could tell by his shortness in breath and how dark it has become. It was officially night and it was officially cold. Herro's breath was visible in front of him. He started to look around and had lost the trail. "ha.. ha.. great.. ha.. what now?"  He slowly started walking forward. "All I can do it hope straight is the correct passage. I mean how much farther could it be. Seriously."

      Leaves flew by guided by small gust of wind. Herro began to feel cold, well... colder. He felt something, heaviness. " A Zarling? No not just a Zarling." Herro darted off towards the dark presence. "Could that other feeling I since be an officer?" As began near his destination the power he was sensing wasn't a H.E.R.O. but similar. Then Herro arrived, a girl about his age facing down a Zarling.  

      "And there she was! Kelly Roman! Always facing the edge of life! Now faces a beast of darkness." The girl out of no where narrating herself in third person and also revealed her name, Kelly Roman. "The fiend thrust's at Kelly! Kelly dodges with a brilliant backflip!" Which she did and then lands on the fiends arm. "Ms. Roman's gymnastics really paid off here fellah's." She flipped again and lands on his head then dropped down and wrapped her legs around his head. "Just a twist and a snap. Boop! The beast is dead."

      Kelly simply took down the Zarling and judging by her appearance wasn't even a H.E.R.O. Officer or have a Shinoji. "Who are you?" A silly question since Herro already knew her name. Kelly turned to face Herro who was a bit of a ways away.

      "Kelly was approached by another......challenger?" She asked while still trying narrate.

     "No actually I'm looking for something." Herro answered.

     "What a coincidence! Kelly was also looking for something. The look out for Zarlings' number one enemy! By the way who are you?"

    "Herro." He replied.

    Kelly laughed nervously "H.E.R.O.? What are you talking about? Ha! Ha! Ha!" She smiled big and nervously.

    "My name." He further explained.


    "Herro." He said blankly



     "What a coincidence because of nothing." She stopped herself.

     "H.E.R.O.?" He finished.

     "Herro?" She was getting confused.

     "No! Because of H.E.R.O.?"

     "What's 'cause of a hero?"

     "H.E.R.O.! Zarlings, Shinjo and stuff. H.E.R.O.!" Herro was starting to get frustrated.

    "Oh! H.E.R.O.! And what is your name?"

    "Herro." Herro was really get fed up with Kelly already.

    "My head hurts." Kelly dropped to the ground and grabbed her head.

    "Are you looking for H.E.R.O.?"

    "Um. Yes." She said.

    "Me to."

The End

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