Chapter V Part 1

Chapter Five

         Three days have passed since Herro left his mother and friends but he knew that he needed to join H.E.R.O. in order to gain the strength to fend off the Zarlings. "This is a lot farther than I remember." Herro mumbled to himself. He was standing in the middle of a forest following a path but was obviously the wrong one. Has had made this trip once when was walking back home from the first time he was at the H.E.R.O. H.Q. but this time it felt longer. "That's it!" Herro stopped in his tracks and threw his arms up into the air. "I'm lost!" Herro started looking around to see if anything looked familiar but was unsuccessful. "I can't start over now, I've been gone for three days." He sighed.

        The sky was getting darker and the air was getting colder. "I need to fight a place to camp for the night." Herro started looking around then a thought occurred to him. "Wait!" He started counting his fingers. "I left on Thursday, that makes today Sunday...Crap! The exam's tomorrow!" Herro bolted off sprinting forward. "I need to hurry!"

       Herro was running as fast as he could. If he saw the turn he would cut through to shorten it, dodging trees and jumping over large roots sticking up of the ground. That when the path immediately turned left and revealed a steep cliff. Before Herro could even realize he was already over.

      Herro was about two to three feet pass the edge of the cliff before he even tried to stop and grab the cliff before falling. Herro threw out his right hand as he turned himself, reaching for the cliff. He barely missed it by just inches but was able to catch root sticking out of the side of the cliff that was about three feet below.

      Hanging there Herro was worried about what he was going to do. He looked down to see the ground 20 feet below. He the began to find other roots or rocks to grab on to in order to lower himself to the ground. Once he finally reach the ground he looked at his new surroundings and begins to recall walk pass here on his way home. "Alright let's go." He became serious, eager, and determined to reach H.Q. in time. Then he only gave a small smirk and then he was gone. Running as fast as he could, zooming pass tree's, clearing bushes and leaping forward off of the large roots in the forest to catapult himself forward, gaining momentum, accelerating as quickly as possible.



The End

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