Chapter IV

Chapter Four

         Herro wakes up the next morning with the same thought that has been on his mind since that night at the park with Kyle and Aora.  He sits up on the side of his bed and grabs a business card that only read, 'HERO PASS'. He received this from Lieutenant Cardin from H.E.R.O. An organization formed to fend off Zarlings, creatures of darkness who's origin is unknown.

         Herro gets up and starts with his normal daily rituals like brushing his teeth and other personals. He had his choice of what he needed to do but saying good bye was going to be hard. Sometimes he thought about not saying anything at all and just leaving but that wouldn't be fair to anyone if he did that.

        Herro sits down at the table and his mother sets down his breakfast. Pancakes. "What's the occasion? "

        His mom swallows her bite and answers. "None right?" Herro was confused. Usually they just eat eggs but something felt wrong and he knew why. Herro was leaving and he cant even tell anyone where he was going or anything about it. "So...."


        "Where are you going?"

        Herro stopped. "What do you mean?"

        "I mean your bags are packed." She didn't seemed surprised or anything.

        "I was going to go to a friends place. He went to school with my last year but graduated." Herro was always able to make up quick stories. "I thought I'd shadow him on compass, check the place out.

        Herro's mom slammed her fork. "No!" Tears rolling down her face. Herro was confused.

        "What do you mean?"

        She wiped her face. "Your father made up a stupid story when he left too."

       Herro was speechless and mostly confused. "You said he joined the military and never returned from battle...." As saying this he couldn't help but think about how he was basically doing the same thing.

       "Exactly. But I already know about. H.E.R.O."


       Thirteen years ago your father was out on a errand. I don't remember what it was for anymore but I remember when he came back.

        "Hey honey. Welcom-" I instantly stopped once I actually saw the condition your father was in, he barely made it back. He tried to explain what happened but he wasn't so sure himself. All he knew was someone attacked him and he was able to stop him.

        A few weeks passed and two men in strange uniforms I never seen before came to the door and asked to speak to him. I was shunned on the details, your father was told not to say anything and I just trusted him. You were only a couple of years old when this was all happening. Finally the day came for him to leave and he hasn't returned since.

      I received many letters but it wasn't until his last one that I found out the truth. He explained everything to me, about H.E.R.O. and Zarlings. I was astonished. Then one day I got another letter. It was from the same place but not from him. He went 'out on a run' and was now M.I.A. I haven't received any other news. This was about 5 years ago...


         "Five years ago!" Herro exclaimed. "Why am I just now hearing about this?"

          "Sorry, I didn't know how you would react." She tried to defend herself.

          "I had the right to know!" He said as he jolted to his feet, slamming his hands on the table.

          "Yes but-"

          "Whatever." Herro said then angrily charged out the front door. He looked around outside, thinking. 'I can't leave like this.' Herro walked back in and threw on a little smile for his mother. "I love you mom, I'll be okay. And I'll find dad." He smirked a little. "I'll tell him to retire." Then he was off. Starting down a new road not knowing was down it.  

The End

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