Chapter III

Chapter Three

   It has been about two months since Herro was given that pass; Kyle, Aora and he were sitting on those swings talking like they always did, nothing special. They didn’t really talk about anything interesting but it made them laugh. “Did you see those squirrels?” Kyle laughed.

   “Yeah they were fighting over that one giant nut!” Aora continued.

   “They fought like two ninja jack rabbits! Hopping around, scratching and stuff!” Herro finished. The three of them were cracking up; then it happened. “That cold feeling again…”

   “What Herro?-“ Kyle started to ask but felt it too. “Wh-what is this feeling? It…its heavy…like something is breathing on me…” Aora was already on her hands and knees, struggling to breathe. Once Herro saw that he stood up off the swing. “Herro do you know what’s going on?”

   “Just stay back!” Herro commanded. “I don’t want anything to happen to you two.” This can’t possibly be a Zarling could it… no there isn’t anything else it could be. Several minutes passed with nothing happening but Aora’s face began to grow pale and she has been beginning to have shortness of breath. Herro ran over to her and kneeled down beside her. “Aora, are you okay?” Her response was her trying to continue to breath. “Damn it…” He rose back to his feet. “You two should get away from here.” Herro reached down and picked up a small stick about as long as his hand.

   “What are you going to do with that?” Kyle joked, but then the joke became too real.

   “What ARE you going to do with that?” A cold, scratchy voice said. Herro grasped the stick with both hands and went into a fighting stance.

   “Get out of here!” He ordered his friends. “NOW!” But it was too late. Aora was laying on the ground out of air, eyes wide and drool flowing from her mouth and Kyle was being held up in the air by his neck. Holding him was a more human liked Zarling. Herro stared at the Zarling for a minute speechless, eyes wide and jaw dropped before he pulled himself together. “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do!” Herro the tried to focus his Shizo but without a Shizoji he couldn’t do anything. C’mon c’mon c’mon! “Damn it….”

   The Zarling laughed and threw Kyle. “I’m listening.” Herro then threw the stick at the Zarling. “Gah!” The Zarling exclaimed as he blocked the stick but when he came to Herro was already in air with his leg drawn back for a kick.

   “I was going to do that!” He then kicked the Zarling across the face. Catching the Zarling off guard Herro was actually able to land a successful blow on the Zarling. When Herro landed on his feet he turned to face the Zarling and smirked “how was that?”

The Zarling rubbed his face then smiled. “You shouldn’t have done that.” He then in a flash he was holding Herro by the throat. He got a ticked off look on his face. “You just pissed me off!” He yelled then threw Herro into the air. “And you don’t want to make me angry!” He then opened his mouth and a dim light started to shine from the back of his mouth. “Because when I’m mad!” Then  the Zarling shot a huge yellow blast out of his mouth towards Herro.

   Well… this is it… Sorry guys…Herro accepted that he wasn’t able to get away from this but that doesn’t mean that someone else couldn’t save him. Herro closed his eyes and hoped something would happen. When Herro opened his eyes he was safely on the ground with someone standing over him.

   “Well, looks like you could use some help.” The man stated. He was tall and looked rouge. He was wearing a cloak over what looked like a customized H.E.R.O. uniform. “But don’t you worry about a thing… this Zarling is nothing.” The rouge fighter leaped over the Zarling and turned to face Herro as the Zarling split in half.

   Herro was left speechless; he was no match for that Zarling and here comes this guy and trashes it. “Don’t worry, I believe one day you’ll get this good. “ He smirked for a second but then seriousness became him. “But you need to go home. It’s not safe…” Herro knew he was right so he started for home when then the rouge fighter continued. “And you should go to that exam.” With that the rouge fighter left and Herro was once again left with his thoughts. 

   Herro began running for home when he just remembered something and stopped in his tracks. “Kyle, Aora! Damn it!” He turned around headed back to the park. Once he arrived he saw Kyle trying to wake up Aora. “Damn it…”

   “And what exactly just happened? What the hell was that?!” Kyle exclaimed.

   Herro just looked down at Aora. “Kyle… I'm going to be leaving soon… just do me a favor… watch out for Aora for me…”

   “What are you talking about?” Kyle exclaimed. Herro didn’t say anything but he knew he needed to join H.E.R.O. to save those he cared for.

The End

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