Chapter I

Average teenager, Herro gets assaulted by some weird creature called a Zarling. Herro then finds out he's not so average and he has been requested to join an organization that fights off these dark creatures called H.E.R.O., Highly Elite Recruit Officers. But through all the training with H.E.R.O. and fighting off Zarlings, strange events transpire that are tied to a darker secret.

Chapter One

                This story begins at a small little neighborhood park. There was nobody there but one teenage boy sitting up on top of the tall slide, everyone else went home because it was getting late. The sun was setting and the sky was turning that pinkish orange color it gets sometimes. The boy on the slide sled down and then hopped off half way. He landed on the ground causing the dirt below to rise for just a second and then fall on to his shoes. He wore blue, white and black skater shoes with plain blue jeans resting on top of them. There was a tear on the right pants leg and a chain hanging off two belt loops on his left. He had a red jacket that had a blue square patch on the left elbow. His jacket was worn over a white muscle shirt and an old rusty locket with a picture of his father, the resemblance made it obvious. He had medium length light brown hair and green eyes. He looked young but you could tell he has been through a lot, the stern look of a harsh past hardened his face.

                The boy turned to face the park’s swing set. He could see the bush on the other side begin to rustle a bit then the whole place went nearly silent, all that could be heard was the wind blowing, the chains on the swings creaking and some people down the street about a couple blocks away. The young man knew something was in that bush and it wasn’t human.  So to quench his curiosity, the boy slowly walked over to the bush to check it out. He got about a few feet away when a rather large black creature leaped out of the bush and into the air. The creature was about three to four feet tall and very slim. It was pure black and had dark red eyes. Ripples of dark energy was shedding off of it, the boy could feel darkness as if it was a small weight on his whole body, making him feel just a little bit heavier.  

                The creature was in the air and then kicked off towards the boy for an attack. The boy jumped back to evade the slash but the fiend was too quick for him. The beast reached out and scratched the boy’s chest. He fell on his back but quickly flipped back up and side stepped the dark figure’s second strike. The creature thrust straight forward as the boy side stepped the blow, catching his arm and twirling the thing over. The monster hit the ground but never stopped twirling by using some bouncing technique in order to flip back up onto his feet and hit the boy once more. He flew back and landed into the seat of a swig which he instantly swung back then forward, holding on to the swing’s chain the boy managed to dodge a swipe from the beast which cut the chain. Then the boy took the broken chain and swung it around its neck and tightened.

                “You’re not so tough, are ya?” The boy claimed. His voice was young and firm, he sounded about 15 or 16 years old. He tightened once more and smirked. Then the creature let out a loud screech, releasing a powerful wave of energy. The energy busted the chain into single links and sent the boy flying back. “…Never mind.” He said as he rose to his feet and wiped the blood from his newly busted lip. “Well… Seems you’ll be a bit of trouble for me.” He looks down and sees a nice sized stick. “But I’m not letting you have me!” He exclaimed as he reaches down and takes the stick and charges at his enemy with a full forced swing, the stick hit the beast’s side but the vile creature was unaffected. The boy continued to swing but by the fifth strike the stick broke and the fiend knocked the boy back a few more feet. The boy looked at the dark being, which smirked; then he looked at his broken weapon, then back at the being. It was creeping closer and closer, step by step. The boy was scared, his eyes went wide then closed tight as he yelled, “YOU CAN’T HAVE ME!” Then out of nowhere, a bright blue light of energy shot out of the broken stick. The energy was shooting everywhere and out of control then it exploded and hit the Creature, knocking it a few yards back; then the energy vanished.

                The boy opened his eyes. Smoke was clouding up the park; all he could see was a humanoid silhouette through the smoke. His eye lids grew heavy and began to droop but he forced them open, the shadow was closer. Then there was a light, a bright blue light. Everything the boy was seeing now was frame by frame, he was about to pass out; whatever light he released from the stick drained nearly all his energy. He saw a man in a suit of some sort of advanced armor with a helmet that covered his face and flashes of him carrying the boy to safety.

   The boy began to awaken; feeling dazed and confused, pain shot through his body. He did not recognize the room he was in; it looked like some sort of infirmary. The room mostly empty except for a sink, some cabinets and the bed he laid in. He sat up and began to look around, wondering where he was. He immediately changed his focus to the door to his left as someone entered the room. The man was wearing a similar armor to man who saved the boy, must be some sort of uniform. The uniform was unique, something he has never seen before. It was all white with grey designs across it, it covered his whole body and included armored grieves, gauntlets, shoulder pads and a helmet. The right arm had weird orbs like things on the glove, elbow and shoulder.

   “Oh, hey you’re up. That’s good I was just checking up on you.” He said. The boy started to speak when the man stopped him. “Don’t worry kid, any questions you have will be answered as soon as Lieutenant Cardin gets here. He saw everything; he was actually the one that rescued you.” The man took off his helmet. He had flat orange hair and green eyes. His jaw and eyes were narrow. “By the way,” He held out his hand for a proper greeting. “Name’s Corporal Zane.”

   The boy reached out and shook Zane’s hand. “I’m Herro.”

   After Herro introduced himself another man entered the room, he stood firm and upright. Zane immediately stood to attention to this new arriver. “At ease, Corporal.” The man turned to face Herro. “Greetings, I’m Lieutenant Cardin and what might your name be?” Cardin sounded to be about in his early 30sHe finally took off his helmet; he had blue spikey hair and blue eyes. He looked calm and collective.

   “Herro.” He answered. “I assume you’ll be explaining some things to me.” Herro was so confused. He didn’t know what that thing was or where he was at.

   “Yes…” Lieutenant Cardin turned around and put his hands behind him. “I am not sure where to begin…” The lieutenant turned to face Herro again. “That things earlier… that was a Zarling. They are beings of darkness and feed off of two things; fear… and humans.”


   “Yes. We aren’t exactly sure where they came from yet but our research department is trying to find out. If we could, we could stop them from the core and prevent any more from showing.”

   “And who are you guys anyway?”

   “Oh yes, sorry. That would probably be useful information wouldn’t it.” The Lieutenant stepped closer to Herro. “We are an organization known as H.E.R.O.”


   “Highly Elite Recruit Officers. We protect people from Zarlings.”

   Herro began to think to himself, Highly Elite Recruit Officers….Zarlings? “If this is true and you protect others, then why have I never heard of you or Zarlings and why did it take you so long to save me?” The tone in Herro’s voice started to rise a little bit.

   The Lieutenant held up his hand to calm him down. “Now, I was about to… but as I was about to make my move I noticed something; you we actually standing a chance in that fight. No ordinary human would be able to last three minutes in a fight against a Zarling. So I stopped and began to watch, to see if you had it.”

   “Had what?”

   “Shizo.” Lieutenant Cardin said plainly. A blank expression covered Herro’s face and Cardin smirked a little. “I expected that reaction. Shizo is energy inside gifted people. When you grabbed that stick and that energy exploited out, you were releasing your shizo as a last resort. Your body automatically released it in your time of need.”

   “Shizo…”This was a lot to take in at once for Herro. “Okay but why bring me here?”

   “To offer you something.” Cardin reached into his pocket and handed Herro a card.

   Herro examined the card; it read ‘HERO PASS’. “What’s this?”

   “In three months there is a recruitment exam. Only people with this can enter the exam. I feel that you have potential to be a great officer.” The two officers began to leave the room. “Just think about it.” Cardin finished as he left the room for Herro to be alone with his wounds, the pass and his thoughts

The End

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