Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two

About a week has passed since Herro meet Lieutenant Cardin and was offered the H.E.R.O. Recruitment Exam Pass and Herro can’t get it out of his mind. H.E.R.O….Herro was now at home in his bedroom. It was dark because of the clothed sheets covering the windows but little rays of light were beaming through the few holes on the sheets. The whole place looked ragged and run down, like he hard on cash. Herro was sitting on his ragged bed with the ends of the mattress torn and his blanket ripped. Herro stood to his feet and a mouse ran back behind his dresser which was missing a drawer. Herro walked over to the door and had to lift the hinges back to place before he could open it. Herro left and walked down the hall there were holes everywhere, the whole place was trashed.

“Hey, Mom” Herro walked over to the table where some eggs were on a plate on the table.

“’Morning Herro.” She smiled; she always seemed to be cheerful even in their poor situation.

“Eggs again…”

“Yes dear.”

“They’re great.” Herro lied. He was so burnt out on eggs but he knew that his mother was trying as hard as she could to make Herro happy.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Herro took one last bite and pushed his plate and stood up. “I’m done he said then started walking away.

“Are you okay Herro?” She asked with concern.

“I’m fine.” He lied again. There was too much on his mind to be okay. “I’m just not that hungry.” He opened the front door. “I’m gonna go for a walk.”

“Okay dear, be safe.”

“I will.” Herro then walked outside. Even the neighborhood looked like a great big slum. Everyone looked poor and was suffering. Herro eventually reached the park that he once confronted the Zarling. “Should I join H.E.R.O.?” He murmured to himself as he remembered his experience at the H.E.R.O. H.Q.

After Lieutenant Cardin and Corporal Zane left the infirmary three others entered. One was a female you could tell by the uniform and her hourglass figure. One man was holding a clipboard with some papers.

“Hello,….” The woman holds out her hand.

“…Herro.” He finished.

“Herro… that’s funny. Herro ‘The new recruit at H.E.R.O.’ what a coincidence. Any who, I am Lieutenant Sierra, nice to meet you. I am here to explain things to make sure you completely understand who we are.” Herro nodded. “We are the Highly Elite Recruit Officers or H.E.R.O. for short. We fight Zarlings to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Our research department study Zarlings to understand more about them or even where they come from. But you already knew all of this, what you didn’t know is we are very underground so you can’t tell anyone about us. Another thing is we use Shizo which is energy in our body. It is very hard to control without one of these.” She pointed at her shoulder, there were those orb like things that the other Lieutenant had; one on her shoulder, elbow and hand. “These are Shizoji or ‘Energy Focusing Orbs’, they harness your Shizo and release it through the weapon equipped to your Shizoji.” Lieutenant Sierra pulled out a small high-tech looking stick out from behind her. “This handle is connected to my Shizojis on my arm, when I focus-“A beam of energy shot out of the handle and formed a beam sword. “I make my weapon with Shizo.”

Herro couldn’t believe what he saw. A beam sword? Really? “Your weapon is decided during the exam depending on your scores so that way it would be more compatible with your Shizo. I believe that is all. Corporal Allen will handle your discharge.” She said as the Corporal walked up. Herro was paying attention to the others before but the other officer was writing down everything like he was taking notes. The Lieutenant and the other one left the room as Corporal Allen began with the discharge papers. After he finished he was escorted out the building, Herro saw a lot of this that he couldn’t understand; people training with all kinds of weapons, floating devices and holograms. They have all this stuff but everyone I know is suffering with money issues…

Herro was sitting at the park that he once confronted the Zarling and was saved by Lieutenant Cardin. “Should I join H.E.R.O.?” He murmured to himself as he thought of his experience at the H.E.R.O. H.Q. when his friends walked up.

“Ey! Herro!” A teenaged boy with reddish orange hair gelled back and orange eyes. “What’s happenin’ man?” He also wore ragged clothes with a torn up blue scarf hanging over his shoulder.

“yeah, you look so out of it Herro.” A teenage girl with purple hair and purple eyes. She was wearing a blue dress that is ragged and torn at the bottom. “Are you okay?”

“Kyle, Aora! No it’s nothing just had a lot on my mind…” Herro knew he couldn’t tell anyone about H.E.R.O. but how could he lie to his closest friends? And how could he leave them. Then Herro smile because he thought of something that he figured would make his decision. How could I leave them…

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