In the darkness of space an enormous battle of epic proportions is being waged between two alien forces more powerful than the world may ever know. Enormous ships of impossible magnitudes fire on each other as smaller fly-like ships zip around shooting here and there before flying off out of the line of fire.

    We are completely unaware of this battle even though it is being fought merely millions of miles away from our small planet. Our scientists are unable to see that far, yet we are in danger of the battle raging towards us.

    Each race of aliens is aware of our meek existence and they ignore us as they near our solar system. Compared to their might and power we are merely just bugs that will eventually be caught on their windshields. Even their battle is beyond our power of knowledge, they fight for honor and strength. They fight because they are the only two races to have achieved this level of intelligence and might. And there can only be one strong force in all the universe.

    Our story has entered the final stages of this battle, a winner will soon be declared and its clear that one force is reigning stronger of the other. Its is fortunate though still unknown to us, for the force that will win this battle is for all intensive purposes, good. They will leave us alone to protect us from what we do not know.

    However the loosing force is what we would see as evil. If they were able to win this battle they would celebrate by crushing our puny solar system in mere seconds. Their force is strong enough to wipe out the entire string of solar systems along our milky way. But they do not want any civilization to come to power that they have, so they will destroy any planets that have the potential to rise to greatness.

    But they are loosing and quickly, their battle is soon over and their large ships are destroyed in a reign of firing. The smaller attack squad ships are slowly taken out, and few escape.

    The good aliens begin to salvage what is left of the destroyed ships in order to keep the pieces from crashing to our planets or any other planets. They do not want the technology that is left to be put to misuse either, so they feel it is best for them to completely obliterate anything that is left of their foe.

    Unfortunately with the escaping ships they also miss two pods that were jettisoned before the final explosion of one of the ships. The pods race away from the site of battle and are on a direct collision course with our planet.

    They are small and go unnoticed by our radar and satellites as they enter our atmosphere and rocket towards the ground.

    Shane Castor was just a simple teenager. His family owned a farm out on the outskirts of town, he didn't really have a lot of friends and he felt alienated from the female species, as they seemed to feel about him as well.

    He was a nerd, he couldn't really do much work in the fields because his asthma would act up and he was allergic to most of the plants. He couldn't help his mother collect eggs because chicken fecies made him gag. And he wasn't able to milk the cows with his dad because he was lactose intolerant. Actually his dad just preferred he not help, as Shane could hardly get a bucket full in ten minutes, so he told Shane that his lactose intolerance might act up if he touched milk. Shane accepted the lie because he really didn't feel like doing that type of work anyways.

    So he was sort of alienated from his family as well. He spent most of his time in his room playing with legos and mechano. Shane was quite the builder, he could put together an alarm clock made out of all mechano bits. And his legos would make up the perimeter of his bed, turning it into a large castle, which he was king of.

    Yes Shane was a dreamer, which probably didn't help in his quest to become more popular. His favourite game was D&D, and often times he would catch himself pretending to cast spells on the jocks as they walked past calling him a nerd or throwing things at him.

    On this particular night Shane was star gazing through his telescope his parents had bought him when he was 8. They realized that if they couldn't nurture the farmer in him, maybe they could build on his intelligence and creativity. Shane had fallen in love with the telescope instantly and spent hours gazing at the stars dreaming of space and being able to fly through it.

    While Shane dreamt of his adventures in the stars a sudden blast of light caught his eye. He instantly focused the telescope in on the intrusion. It looked like a shooting star, but it was moving much faster and it wasn't burning out. Most shooting stars were just comets grazing the surface of the atmosphere as they shot past but this one seemed to be getting larger, more pronounced.

    Shane pulled away from the scope and then stood up looking around and thinking for a second. He often did this, it was a way to control his mind onto one aspect of thought so that he was able to concentrate, when his mind had a million thoughts at once.

    He snapped his fingers and pointed at his shoes, grabbing them he flew out of his bedroom and down the stairs, past his parents watching TV, and who paid no heed to him and he burst outside into the cool night.

    Looking up at the sky he quickly spotted the comet, it was much bigger now, Shane could make out the flames that were whipping against it as it hurtled towards earth. Then suddenly it was flying over his head and it smashed into the ground at least three kilometers away, off in a field that was away from the small city.

    Shane wasted no time, he ran towards the fallen comet like there was no tomorrow. He had ideas of grandeur running through his mind and he envisioned the headlines of the next day's news paper.

    'Nerdy Kid Finds Comet!'

    Shane shook his head in dismay, even in his fantasies he was a loser. He moved the thought from his head and focused on where the comet had hit the ground. He felt his asthma kick in when he was at least a kilometer away from what he could now see of the smoking crater.

    He stopped and wheezed as he reached for his asthma inhaler. Taking deep breathes he inhaled the drug slowly, all the time watching the crater, almost as if he expected some beast to come crawling out of it.

    The idea teased his mind and he had to take a few more puffs to calm himself down before he was able to continue. He jammed the inhaler back in his pocket and slowly made his way towards the crater, until he was just able to peek over the edge and take a look inside the hole.

The End

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