When her older sister is taken from their home in London by an "unknown", the 16th kidnap in a spate of attacks, an ordinary 17 - year old, Erin Hedman, becomes the unlikely hero, discovering the truth about her heritage on her quest to bring the kidnapped back.

It was a curse, not that it had surprised any of them. They hadn't lived their lives well, a lack of concern for the people who worshipped them, more interested in fighting and sex. So they had been cursed, when they died they didn't. They had to live on in their children and their grandchildren. One was a prime minister, one a highway robber, a leading general. They all continued to live on in their lineage, even Zeus who boasted he was protected from the curse.

But no one was protected not even the knowledgeable Athena or the master of death himself Hades, and with the curse came pain. Constant fighting with the old enemy that never seemed to die, just take on new forms, the unknown to the new generation. 

The new generation, a collection of modern day London teenagers unaware of the power and balance of the world they held in their hands. 

Soon they would become aware, soon they would realise everything is not what it seems and soon they would realise their heritage. 

The End

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