Here's Your Letter Ma'am

Short stand alone about the bearer of bad news

Joe Lester walked up the walkway carrying a wooden case. His eyes turned to the Buick sitting if front of the house, proudly washed and shining in the august sun. He made his way past the rhodendrodans to the front door. Joe straightened his collar nervously clearing his throat. He than took off his hat and knocked on the door. A moment or two passed, then Joe heard the quick tapping of small feet.

A small blond boy boy of about seven answered the door. Freckles where thrown across his face generously, almost making him look ugly.

"Good after noon son." Mr. Lester began. "Is your mother home?" Without a word they boy turned and ran back into the house. In the distance he heard the word solider.

A pretty blond woman in an apron. the moment she saw Joe her eyes filled with fear.

"No," she began. "No! No! you can't- he didn't-" She broke down and started crying. Her face buried in her hands, falling to her knees.

Joe knelt down next to her. "Mrs Downey, Your son Stan died bravely serving his country. Our nation owes him a great debt."

Mrs. Downey dabbed her eyes with the edge of her apron. He son obliviously returning to playing cowboys and indians with a visiting friend. "I- I'm sorry." She said pulling herself together. "I- I'm sorry, I-" Joe handed Mrs. Downey the wooden case. An american flag neatly folded inside along with a few documents.

"You owe me no explaination ma'am." the solider replied. He turned on his heel and began to leave. As he left he could hear the woman begin to break down again. He  wanted to stay and comfort her, but he had no time. He had seven more flags to deliver that day.

The End

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