Here's To You Mrs. Jackman

This is a fictional account of the day I met Hugh Jackman, fell in love, and ran off to Australia with him, my husband and my two children.

The stretch limousine pulled over to the curb and out stepped…


Hugh Jackman.  He stretched and looked around Main Street.  My first thought, of course, was “what in the world is Hugh Jackman doing in Simpsonville, SC?”  My second thought was, “My gosh he is hot!”  Just then Hugh glanced in my direction, he paused and then smiled.  He strode over to where I was standing, open mouthed, and, with his gorgeous smile and dreamy accent, asked me what my name was and if I would accompany him to a dinner that night.  I stammered my name, blushed, and immediately accepted his offer. 

While at the dinner, there were people everywhere yet it was as if we were the only two souls in the room.  We talked about our lives, careers, hopes and dreams.  At some point the dinner must have ended because we found ourselves alone in the restaurant.  He smiled again, stopping my heart, and told me he would take me home but begged to see me again the next day.  He told me that he had never met anyone as perfect for him as me, and we made plans to leave for Australia the next day.  I told him I would have to break the news to my current husband and prepare my sons for the trip.  He completely understood and we left the restaurant hand in hand. 


When I got home I promptly told my husband, Chad, what had happened that day.  Luckily, Chad and I had previously made “lists” of people we would have to accept any proposals of love or marriage from…Hugh, of course, was on my list.  Chad was dismayed that the boys and I would be leaving the next day for Australia.  However, I promised him that I would fulfill my addendum to the “list.”  He would come too as my Cabana/Pool boy.  I promised him that Hugh would understand and send for him soon.  Now we are five months later, we all love life in our nine million dollar mansion.  The boys have the best of everything and I have someone to keep my pool sparkling and to keep me company when Hugh is away making movies. J

The End

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