Emily Wolfe

The young woman cleared her throat, clearly feeling awkward by my silence. Closing my eyes, I tried my best to go back to sleep, to make her leave, but being so rude just wasn’t a part of my personality. Before my parent’s died and was bright, cheerful and definitely social girl. Letting out a groan that sounded much like a frog since my throat was so dry, I slowly rolled back over and met her gaze with my own bloodshot eyes.

“Who… are you?” I managed to choke out. The lady smiled pleasantly and pointed to a glass of water on the table beside my hospital bed.

“Perhaps you’d like some water?” I nodded and slowly pushed myself up to a sitting position. Every limb of my body felt like jelly, and it took a while to get my aching arms to actually support my body. The drink of water was more than worth the effort and pain of sitting up; the cool liquid slipped down my throat, instantly soothing it. It seemed, almost, to begin revitalizing all parts of my body. My vision cleared, the brain unclouded, and suddenly I began to cry as all my memories of the previous night came started to piece together. The woman’s face melted into pure sympathy as she put a tender arm around my shoulders. “Sh, it’s all right now. I’m Ms. Wolfe, or you can call me Emily. Whichever makes you feel more comfortable.” By the way she was dressed, I could tell that she was clearly not a nurse. She wore a stiff looking brown coat and matching skirt with a soft, baby pink undershirt. Emily smiled as she noticed me analyzing her. “Looks like you’re awake and alert again, that’s a good sign. Would you like to tell me how you’re feeling?” I groaned loudly. A shrink? Really?

“How do you think I’m feeling?” I replied sharply, forgetting about the manners that had compelled me to speak to this woman in the first place. “My parents were just killed, I tried to commit suicide, failed, and am now confined to a hospital bed with a shrink about to interrogate me. Maybe it would’ve been better if I had died!” I was breathing heavily. All the darkness that had seemingly infiltrated my mind when I first wanted to kill myself was back again, and even darker it seemed. I glared at Emily, who had taken out a notepad and began scribbling down notes. All I wanted was for her to leave me alone and let the darkness take over again. I laid back down with my back to her and shut my eyes tightly, trying to force my body to drift into sleep and not wake up again. Instead, my brain decided to torment me with dreams of my parents.

The End

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