All there I could feel was the darkness closing in around me, caressing me as I fell further away from the light.  Then through the still calm of the blackness a jolt pulled me back to reality.

Slowly I could begin to feel things.  A scratchy bedsheet against my legs, something strapped tightly to my arm and something else in the back of my hand.  And in the background the steady bleeping of a machine.

I opened my eyes.  Everything was blurred into one massive white mass.  I blinked and a face appeared above me.  Is this it?  Am I finally with mum and dad?

'Hello can you hear me?  Sam?'  It wasn't mum.  Her hair was all wrong and she looked far too young.  I tried to push the image away and return to the darkness but it's slipping away and I can't go back.  'You're in hospital Sam.  Can you remember what happened?'

I remember it all.  The rain, the thunder and lightning, the massive empty hole in my stomach and the pain that went with it.  I didn't want to remember.  All I wanted was to forget.

'Can you speak to me Sam?'  I could speak but I didn't want to talk, not to her, someone I didn't know who was only asking because it was her job.  I rolled away from her, my body aching from the injuries I must have got when I fell. 

'I just want to help you Sam.  You need to talk to someone about this.  You can't hide from it.'

The End

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