What to do?

Sitting atop that old wooden pole, my mind raged, two violent factions duking it out 30 feet above the ground.

The left side of my brain was analytical-

You don't need a lightning bolt to die, just a little shock. Reach out and touch the wire right next to you: it will only hurt for a second. then, you'll be with mom and dad, just like before the accident. You don't need to come down and face those buffoons.

My right side felt differently, and said so:

 Sam, you're not even allowed to drive yet! Why would you take your life so early on? Yea, mom and dad are gone, but do you seriously belive that they would be happy with you killing yourself too? Do the right thing and come down before you can't!

Well, that might have once been true, but it is to late now. Sam, if you go back down, you know what they'll do- they will lock you up in some God- forsaken rubber room because you can't be trusted with your own life or something stupid like that. Oh you could be on the front page then, too- Idiot girl tries to kill herself because she's insane. Would mom and dad like that?

Inching foward and back, foward, and back, her one free hand played some spastic jig in that cold, heartless rain. Oddly, Sam remembered then a time at her local pool, when she was very young- maybe 4 or 5. She had been going off the little diving board for almost a year t that point, and had seen tons of people go off the big one nearby. On the steps, then, to the big bard, she had played the same little jig, up and down, trying to work up the nerve. When she finnalyzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppp

'Looks like somebody had forgoten one hand.

The End

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