But who am I..

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....."We are looking for someone specifically, do as we ask and no one here should have a problem," said the man in the suite. My mind rushed with the thought of how I could be that one they were looking for. Feelings of anxiety started to set in and I began to feel as if i was sweating from every pore on my body. Who were they looking for? What was important enough for them to go to this extent to find a person? I was not only petrified but also completely confused, and then it came to me who am I? I knew i had my wallet, but I just realized I had never checked to see what was in it. Did my cards and ID have my name, or the name of my new identity. My gut told me to go with the new identity but if I lied I was afraid to face death. The two men warned us not to move and not to say a word unless we were spoken to. They walked down the isle, weapons in hands going from person to person. Each person was separately being asked to prove their identity. The men would go to each passenger, see their proof of identification, evaluate it and discuss quietly between themselves then move to the next one. The plane was silent, even children seemed to understand that making a sound could be a life or death decision. I sat for what seemed like hours waiting for them to get to me, and finally they had. They stood in front of me and ask, "And who are you?"

The End

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