School of Genius

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As we board the plane I remember to look at the ticket I was handed to find my seat, to my surprise I find myself not sitting by my exwife but next to a small italian boy in aviator sunglasses. We talk for a minute and I learn he is returning home to venice after being sent to "a school for geniuses" in Morrocco. I wonder to myself if he could figure anything out about my situation. I began by asking him, "So what do you know about dreams and teleportation?" I did not really expect to learn anything, but instead his response chilled me to the bone. The more I thought over what he said the more tired and clouded my mind felt until I finally let sleep take me over. I awoke not to the jarring sound of a plane landing on the runway, but to the angry voice of the vice president saying, "getting a little off track arent we?"

The End

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