Family Reunion

My body immediately went numb, and my jaw dropped to the floor, as the man was illuminated. His lips moved in what I can only assume was a greeting, but I could only hear the sound of my own intense heartbeat. How could I even begin to comprehend that my father, long dead and only vaguely remembered, was standing before me in these insane circumstances?

I heard a single pulse, followed by its double. Another pulse. Its double. The man in front of me was wearing a black coat that had clearly been torn and stitched many times near the right pocket. His smile revealed a collection of teeth riddled with gaps and shiny metal. The cellar behind him was covered in dust, riddled with cobwebs that looked too much like a B horror film to be real, but it was all there. It felt real.

Just as time felt like it had stopped, it quickly fell back into the great speed I was accustomed to. My father, before me, loosened his smile almost as quickly as his greeting had flown over my head. His originally cheerful face had devolved to something far more grim than I had seen in ages. He breathed in, preparing to answer the countless questions I had.

The End

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