Cogs in the Machine

Bewilderment. Venice's everyday hustle and bustle has grown significantly since my last visit. The streets, fountains, and waterways are packed to near full capacity.

"Stay close to me... If we get separated I cannot guarantee your safety." I found no hint of sarcasm, which means that this was the real deal. No more tests, no more trips to my subconscious, only the task at hand. 

As we walked through the packed Venice streets my mind raced about the oddity of being forced to work with my ex-wife. We had both moved on with our lives, yet our paths became intertwined again for some unknown reason. Our forced juxtaposition created a boiling pot of emotions that fought for the place in the front of my mind. My feelings of rage resurfaced with her return but simultaneously I felt a sense of calm because she could do me no more harm.

BOOM. My mind was forced back into the present with an earth shattering explosion. While the streets broke out into pure anarchy we calmly followed our task and proceeded into a gondola.

The End

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