My mind is still buzzing as our 757 soars seven miles above the Atlantic. I cannot keep from wondering how my ex-wife is involved in this, and what exactly our mission will be once we land in Venice. The flight stretches on for what feels like days, but we finally arrive in Venice early the next morning. As soon as we step off the plane, a black Denali picks us up on the tarmac. Two armed guards sit in the front seat while we sit in the back. The only thing they tell us is that we are going to meet a very important man, and that he will give us specific instructions for the mission. 

The guards bring us to a massive mansion in the countryside and we are quickly ushered in the house by the butler. He brings us to the musty library in the cellar. The room is very dark and cold, but I can just make out the figure of a man. When he finally steps in the light, I cannot believe who it is...

The End

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