There is a quiet knock on the door and a person walks slowly into the room.  The lights are dimmed and it takes me a few seconds to register who it is.  As I start to recognize the woman standing before me, my mind fills with surprise, anger, and comfort.  I left my ex wife five years ago in a fit of rage after finding out she had an affair.  Now she stands in front of me, in this unknown place, and strangely enough, it's comforting to me. 

   "Hello," she says to me.  "It's been quite a while.  I hope that we can put the past behind us and work together.  Our first task we will be heading to Venice.  As I recall, we have made some memories there."  Again, I am shocked.  The Venice trip was a one time thing.  I was simply assisting my wife at the time on a job.  I never thought it would lead to this...a new name, a new job, a new life.  

Immediately she slams down papers, explaining our next task.  I cannot follow what she is saying; the words are jumbling together and my head becomes fuzzy.  I hear one last thing.  We are going back to Venice. 

The End

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