well done, A+

Even though I did not know what I was being accepted into it felt good to be accepted. I felt a sense of calm that at least these people were not against me in any way. I also felt a little sense of pride because if I am accepted,  I must have passed the tests. 

However, this good feeling passed when the plane landed and I realized I was not about to go home. I was taken immediately to a black car and driven to CCCP headquarters. Opposite of my expectations, the building was large, bright, and bustling. They led me upstairs and opened a briefcase with my new life in it. All my documents, identifications, and even altered pictures of myself. They explained to me that they have been looking for a new hijacker for their teem for some time now and have been randomly been putting people through these tests.  Since I passed I will be put into training. I guess this isn't up for negotiation...

The End

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