The cockpit has become silent and I seem to have escaped into my own world yet again.  As I gaze around, I notice that panicked faces of my fellow passengers seem to fade into a strange yet soothing fog.  My mind has been clouded by events of the past several hours and cannot seem to filter fantasy from reality.

A cool darkness overcomes me as a slip into an alternate reality of my own thoughts.  I come out of my temporary coma only to find myself in a dimly lit interrogation room alone.  I stand up abruptly and try to asses the situation.  As I stand up, I hear the door slowly open.  I retake my seat as Vladamir and his accomplices enter the room. The two men stand at the door to insure I will not escape. In complete silence, he makes his way to the cold steel table I am sitting at, looks me straight in the eyes, and utters the words, "You've been accepted."

The End

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