The Peaceful Hijackers

“Everyone calm down and remain seated! If there are no further disturbances, no one else needs to get hurt! The purpose of this hijacking is to make a political statement, not to cause any personal harm! This is not a terrorist act!”

                Everyone shut up fast, and stayed dead silent the whole time he spoke. At this point, a third and fourth hijacker walked back from the cockpit.

“Everything’s good up front, Vanya.” said the third hijacker to Pinstripes. He was a young man in his early twenties, tall and well built, wearing blue jeans and a baseball tee shirt. His comrade was wearing khaki slacks with a “CCCP” tee shirt, complete with hammer and sickle.

                “Good, Vladimir.” replied Vanya. “The pilots understand the situation?”

                “They do indeed, and are more than willing to comply.” said CCCP shirt. “They were just happy we left them in control. We should probably keep an eye on them, though. How about you, Dimitri?” he motioned to Hell’s Angel.  Dimitri didn’t argue, and headed up to the cockpit.

                So the hijackers didn’t want to harm anyone? They conversed in hushed tones, with Vanya doing most of the talking. I looked out the window, but couldn’t see much. When I turned my attention back to the hijackers, the three that were still in the cabin were looking directly at me.

                Vladimir (the young one in the baseball tee) walked back to my seat and knelt beside me. “You’ve been rather quiet so far, Felix” he said quietly. “How do you think we’re doing?”

                I took a moment to collect my thoughts before I replied. Felix was the name on all of my new documentation – my license, my cards. Felix Macmillan. How did they know? How was I supposed to respond? “I’m not sure what to think of how you’re doing.” I replied warily. “I’m not even sure why you’re doing what you are. What is it you’re trying to accomplish, anyway?

                “Oh come now, Felix! Hadn’t you guessed?” Vanya speaking this time. “This isn’t a separate experience! It’s all a part of your testing! And you’re doing swimmingly, I might add!”

                So that wasn’t a dream! It was all real? I had no idea what was going on, but I hoped they might be able to fill me in a bit.

The End

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