A Hijacking and a Murder

 I sat there reclined in my seat, cold drink in hand, and I thought to myself, "No rest for the weary." I opened my eyes to examine the situation that had developed in the first class cabin. I scanned the area for the a sign of the hijackers in order to make sure this wasn't a repeat of my earlier hallucinogenic experience.

I found my proof in the two scowling, burly men standing in the front of the cabin. One stood about 6'3'' and looked like a professional football player turned motorcycle gang member. He was wearing tinted aviator sunglasses, and he held what seemed to be a Glock 18 pistol. His colleague was a little bit shorter, but just as built. He looked somewhat sharper than the first man, wearing a pinstripe business suit with a crimson tie.  He wore the same tinted aviators, and held a small sub machine gun. I thought to myself "This has to be an illusion; how could they get those guns through security at an international airport!?"

While I sat there trying to determine whether if what was transpiring around me was reality or just a fantasy being played out of my severely sleep-deprived and jet-lagged brain, three brave fellow passengers confronted the two hijackers. One acted as the distraction by asking our captors what their intentions were while the other two prepared to spring into action.

As the man in the suit began to reply, the two would-be saviors rushed to tackle him and his friend. Unfortunately, These two highly trained foes managed to turn the situation around on the passengers. The one that tried to harm the hell's angel lookalike was trapped in a headlock; The other missed the man in the suit an knocked himself out on the beverage cart. The man in the crimson tie turned and said to all of the passengers in first class in words tinted with a eastern European accent, "let this be a lesson to those who would try to be a hero." The taller one pulled out a long knife, A K-BAR by the looks of it, and slit the throat of the man in the headlock. The man in the suit turned his Uzi on the man knocked out of the ground, and shot him square in the back of the head. It was these events that proved to me the concrete and morbid reality in which I found myself. The man in the suit then continued to address all of the shocked passengers in the cabin. He said...

The End

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