The Next Test

Now that I had fallen through the trap door, I was terribly frightened. There was obviously someone trying to kill me, but I also knew I could be dreaming. That didn’t matter though because I was then shown my next test which scared me even more. They said that this test was a fitness test, which didn’t scare me too much, until they explained it to me. I was being sent to Mt. Everest, and I had to climb the mountain by myself, in less than an hour. How was I going to do that? I’d never climbed a mountain before and this mountain is one of the biggest in the world! I was given no other option, so I began my climb up Mt. Everest. It seemed to be a very easy hike, but also a very weird one. The whole time I was climbing I heard a voice in my ear, and it was my own. I was talking to myself which didn’t make sense. However, the voice gave me motivation until out of nowhere I was holding onto to dear life as I was seconds from falling off the mountain. The next thing I knew I was falling through the air at an incredible speed, headed for nothing but death. I was hoping that I woke up soon…

The End

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